20 Smart Ways to Use Old Tires

There are a lot of things that you can use after recycled. In fact, the things look more cool and modern after recycling. This is the way of respecting the old things and make them perfect for the future use. There is one more thing which looks awesome after recycling and used for the various purposes and that is the old tires. May it be your thought of recreating the dining in the garden or gardening décor. Reusing old tires is always a hit ideas for renovating the garden and there you go on making your garden look best with amazing pebble art.

This is the modern world where everyone use the things in a very creative way and define an all new art! Well, this is one of the good things so you can also use the old tires for your daily uses in your home. Boost up your creativity buds with these mindblowing Ways to Use Old Tires leaving your guests awestruck looking at your innovative horizons of home décor.

Ways to Use Old Tires

Something for your Pet!

You can use the old tires as a doggy’s bed. It becomes very comfortable for him. Paint it if you want to do something extraordinary. Adding a cushioned stuff for much artistic look will be a great idea to inspire.

Enlighten the house!

Many ladies are very creative and make their home look good. So, they can also use the old tires as hanging lamps which makes your home creatively illuminated. Trying out these lighting ideas will prove all of your efforts for making home beautiful worthy.

Why Buy when you could make some Ottomans much creatively!

Welcome the guests and have fun with their awestruck expression with such selfmade furniture. You can use these tires as a round table in your lawn or dining room. You can simply wrap it with yarn which gives the tires a more beautiful look.

Tire Mirror Frame

You can use the old tires as a mirror frame. This method will make your mirror nicer than ever. But you must prefer thin tires like those of the bicycles for a more minimalist look.

Garden Tire Dining!

You can use these old tires in your garden as a centre table. This will make your garden more fantastic. You can color it to give them a cool look.

Beautiful Tire and Yarn Planter

Well, you can wrap these old tires with light color yarn as a pot. It looks smarter and modern. In fact, your guests also praise you because of it. Grab a tire and wind the colored yarn around it and you would need some stand to make the tire to sit on it. Voila… Done!

Tyre Subwoofer

You can simply use your old tires as a subwoofer. It looks cool and gives your home a special look. Steampunk inspiration it is.. punk trend followers go and grab it for your house!

Something romantic… Hammock! Yes please!

Well, you can make half hammocks with these old tires for your children. As you hang these hammocks at your garden area.

Tire Swings

You can also make a tire swings for your children at your garden area. In fact, it gives your garden a more smarter and awesome look.

Tire Garden Stairs

This is one of the smart ways to use old tires. You can use these old tires as a stairs which makes your work easier while going up down. Make color on these tires so that they look nicer than ever.

Tire Tea Cup Planters

Even you can make use of these old tires as a tea cup planter for your plants in your garden area. It gives your garden a more smarter and wonderful look.

Resting on the DIY Tire Armchair.. Feels amazing!

You can use the old tires for making the armchair which is very comfortable for sitting. You can put these chairs in your room. I feel in love with it and I am going to try it for SURE!

Tire Sand Box

You can use the old tires as a tire sand box. This is one of the smart ways to use old tires. It gives the wonderful look at your garden area.

Golden Tire Coffee Table

These old tires can use as a golden tire coffee table at your guest room. You can color it with golden color which gives it a cool look. Just the mindblowing example of what wonders painting can create!

Shredded Tire Armor

You can use these old tires as a shredded armor when you need a dress for your acting play. This is a great way of using the tires. This could the best gift for your superhero geek baby boy!

Tire Planter

You can hang these tires at your garden area for your flower plantation. It looks nicer and gives a great look to your garden.

Tire Playground

Well, this is one of the smart ways to use old tires. You can use these tires at your playground for your children. See-saw and swings and tire climbing and the entire heaven for your kids will be ready in just a day or two!

Tire Umbrella Stand

Clean and managed house will not prove you intelligent by the way you brings brands to your house and waste money buying all the stuffs. Just take a look how wonderfully those not usable tires will take care of your umbrellas.

Tire Chairs and Tables

Well, you can use these tires for your sitting. These are more comfortable and also help you in relaxing.

Minion Inspired Garden

You can put these old tires at your garden area. Give them a look of the scarecrow.

When I first got the idea of these amazing must try ways to use old tires… I thought that my complete life was a lie that made me believe that “MONEY BUYS HAPPINESS”. No; such amazing DIYs that make your house “YOURS” in true sense is what I have been missing but now I have started decorating it myself. I love it and I am sure you would too!