40 Cute and Sexy Braided Hairstyles for Teen Girls

All days are not the same. And for the days when you are not in mood to handle loose strands which are always in the mood to play with the air. And for those bad hair days when you locks and laces ditch you and clearly deny setting in any hairstyle for teens. Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls will ditch the ditcher and take your style game on high! Read and know about the “Hows” and “Whats” popping in your head.

A girl has to tally so many things before finalizing the hairstyle. Will it look weird to carry at work? Will mum be okay with this ‘do I am thinking to carry at school? Will this braided hairstyle make him know that I dressed so well just for him? And So on and so forth! All answers are here in these Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls that will be perfect for any occasion and mood you are on.

Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls

Braided Half-up Half-down

  1. Part hair into two equal portions.
  2. Grab the crown hair from either side braiding up a fishtail. Do the same on the other side of the scalp.
  3. If fishtail is a tough game to play, ditch it and start making a French braid.
  4. Pin it pulling the braids at the back giving you a sophisticated look in just a minute.

Chunky Braided Headband

  1. Being stylish but not putting the simplicity undercover is the mission easily accomplished with this chunky headband hairstyle.
  2. Just part the hair and start braiding a French braid normally.
  3. Pull the plaits as to loosen it up and give it a chunky appearance.
  4. Pin it at the back and you are done!

Inverted French Mohawk Inspo

  1. Start with easily prepping the hair and Sectioning the triangle Mohawk hair grabbing right from the central of the head.
  2. Tuck the rest of hair from both the sides and the back of your head into a ponytail.
  3. Grab hold the free Mohawk hair and start braiding it into French inspiration until you reach the ponytail.
  4. As you reach the ponytail, merge the braid with the tail and continue braiding till the very end.

Braid with the Braids

  1. Mid-part hair. Grab crown hair and start braiding a chunky French braid on both the sides of the part till you reach the back of head.
  2. Merge both the braids into one final braid carrying it till the end and secure with a rubber band. This creates a braided half up-do.
  3. Now, part the free hair into two half divisions and braid them both same as the above.
  4. Get hold of all the three and secure them with a rubber band finally to get this stunning hairstyle of all times.

Twisted Braid into Fishtail Half up-do

  1. Grabbing hair strands from the temple portion of the head and twisting them up till you pin them all together at the back of your head.
  2. Further, grabbing the some hair and braiding them up together into a fishtail inspo will instantly make you look stylish.
  3. Adding curls and waves to your hair will give him all the more reasons to stare at you.

Cornrows Inspirations

  1. African hairstyles are inspiring and it looks really awe-inspiring, isn’t it?
  2. Creating small sections of hair and braiding them up tight as to make the scalp appear clearly.
  3. Cornrow inspired ponytail is perfect for the times when you have gym to hit after casual trip with friends. Style at the trip and comfort at the gym.

Lace Rose Half Up-do Hairstyle

  1. The story of making super sophisticated Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls with long hair again starts with the temple hair being braided into a simple French inspiration.
  2. Two temples will give you two little braids tucked at the back.
  3. Start twirling the braids one after the other and you will have your lacy rose half up-do hairstyle for long hair ready within minutes.

Cornrow Braid into Bun

  1. Cornrows from the crown hair micro-braided into three or four cornrow braids.
  2. Braids must be such that it gives you hair to put into a bun.
  3. Half up-do was already romantic wherein this cornrow braid and a bun also added to the chic and took style statement on high.

Upside-Down Braided Pigtail Buns

  1. Part hair from the center of the head and take your head upside down.
  2. Begin to braid the hair from the backmost point of the head until you reach the ponytail point and then secure the braid along with the other free hair together in a bun.
  3. Do the same to the other side of your head and make the second pigtail bun using the same method.
  4. Bohemian outfits look smashing with such a unique Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls. Include high waisted shorts with the fringe inspired strappy back top along with the high calf booties for a rousing look.

Ladder Braided Hairstyles

  1. A hairstyle as easy as a ponytail. Just with a bit twist (and knots)!
  2. Start up would be to make a ponytail. And then go on grabbing hair strands from both sides of the ponytail and put a single knot.
  3. Go on doing it till you reach the very end of the ponytail. And then stop!
  4. Secure the end with yet another rubber band and Voila! Easy, isn’t it?

The efforts you take to make your look awe-inspiring should not be wasted. And trust me; these Braided Hairstyles for Teen girls will definitely save you every time the life of your fashion would be in danger. Flaunt it all babe with your key to glamour!