10 Things to do Before You Reach 40

Isn’t that true that all that we think, all that we deeply aspire and desire cannot be achieved in just one lifetime? Half of our lives are wasted in letting that thought of “I want to…” be until you reach the death bed and realize that “Shit man; I didn’t do any of my desires.” All those ifs and whats in mind are the hunger that will never be satisfied then if you don’t satisfy them NOW! The entire life you have spent thinking and serving the family and society and increasing bank balance but what use it is of if you cannot buy happiness by living your deepest desires!

Don’t die like you came and went just like that. Rather create an example in discovering the best of life by living it to the fullest. And please; put that “What will THEY say” thing as far as you can! Guess what; life is fun when you accomplish these Things to do Before You Reach 40.

Things to do Before You Reach 40

First Learn to Don’t Give a Damn

Indeed, it is the foremost thing that you need to learn. Learn how to love yourself and learn how to stop doubting yourself and learn how to “NOT” care. It is a quite common problem for people who think and care a lot about what the world’s opinion is for them. And this is the story spoiler. But life is easy when you don’t think about anything and just do what you desire. Indeed, learning to not give a damn is an art that is tough to grab until 40.


Love your Passion

May be music or art or painting or crafting or writing could be your most aspired passion and something that you would want to be with forever. Know what your passion is and give it just a little scope for development. You must take out time for yourself and live your passion despite of just keeping it locked in the heart. Bring that burning obsession up and give it a hard hit to blend up life in all new taste.


Travel the Bountiful Nature

The height of hills and mountains is so relaxing; oh my gosh! I cannot describe the feeling that you will feel when those cold fresh breezes will kiss your cheeks. Any other thing on this earth is undeniable than the peace you feel with the bountiful nature. That may be the jungle or the hills or mountains. Even the sky; when you do that skydiving thing hugging the clouds. Incredible!


Look Different – Fashion to the Fullest

Try a different haircut or the different make up style to create a new confidence within yourself. Yes, fashion makes you feel good about you and so confident. The personality you have developed so far from fashion has to be changed and it is a must try Things to do Before You Reach 40.


Adventure All Around!

Given quarter of your life to studies and the career setting and family and gadgets. Now you must give a hit at all the scope of the mad adventures that nature gives you. Surfing; impeccable! Dive under water and on the skies for both of it makes you feel free. The biggest feeling ever felt – freedom! Why not cherish and feel the thing more deeply then?


Make “Enemies” Friends

No enemies – just friends! They are the ones who cry the most when you die and not the enemies. You had that age to fight and make enemies but now that time is gone and it is time to act mature. What is the point in making enemies after all? Shake hands and have fun and make friends with enemies.


Call an Old Friend Randomly

Reviving memories that you used to once have with your besties at school and college! The fresher’s and the prom and that fun you had at the thanksgiving! And that, that teasing they did and made your first date more exciting. Calling an old friend is so much the Things to do Before You Reach 40, isn’t it?


Subsidize an Orphan Child

 And the satisfaction of helping someone who really is in the need is definitely incredible. Millions are orphans out there; they don’t have anyone to look after them, you know? I am not asking you to take responsibility of all of them but at least one kid in a lifetime is quite possible Things to do Before You Reach 40.


Pen your Thoughts Down

Writing down the thing you are feeling. Feeling romantic but don’t want to share it with anyone; how about penning it down then? Feeling angry but no one to punch anyone? Or that naughty thing is slowly and steadily growing inside you? Then definitely this is the Things to do Before You Reach 40 you gotta note this deepest darkest desires.


Meet someone you truly idolize!

May be the Kim or the Mark Zuckerberg or the Bill Gates or the Birla could be the great human beings that you idolize and truly wish to have their autograph or just a selfie to stare at forever. This moment, when they will meet you and you will look at the class of their personality, I am pretty sure about one fact that you will get immensely inspired to transform into a better human for sure.


Don’t live life just to live it and do what every third human on this earth is doing. It is a precious one and you have to make it worth the mark. Live it fully and make the most of it. At least, on the death bed; you must be sure that “yes; I did all I wanted to”!