Why gel nails are a game changer for your beauty routine?

Gel nails are one of the most popular nail trends in recent years. Thanks to their qualities, including durability and a shiny look, they managed to conquer the beauty world instantly, and their fame is still growing.

If you still wonder why gel manicures are a game-changer in the nail industry, you will know the answer once you read this article. Let’s dive in!

What are gel nails?

At first glance, gel manicures look like a shinier version of traditional nail polish manicures. Nonetheless, the process of applying gel nails is quite different from the traditional one, and it guarantees their long-lasting and chip-free effect, which we will discuss further on.

In the gel manicure process, you apply a few different layers to your nails, and you need to cure each of them under UV or LED light. These layers entail applying:

  • protein fiber base, like semilac fiber base,
  • gel nail polish of your preferred shade,
  • top coat.

Once you expose each of them to specific wavelengths from a UV or LED lamp, there is a chemical reaction that solidifies the liquid gel, making it hard and solid. At the end of the process, you have a sticky layer on top of your manicure, which you need to remove by using a lint-free pad soaked in alcohol.

Why are gel nails so popular?


First and foremost, gel nails are widely popular thanks to their durability. Unlike traditional nail polish manicures that last up to one week, they stay in an impeccable condition for at least 2 to 4 weeks with no damage.

Truth be told, if you don’t expose your nails to difficult conditions you can enjoy the perfect gel manicure until the removal process.

Keep in mind, though, that durability of the gel manicure is dependent upon using the most reliable products, like semilac fiber base or high-quality gel polish, and high precision during the process. Therefore, remember to equip yourself with the best products for home manicures, or go to a trustworthy and skilled nail technician.

Quick drying

Another great benefit of gel nails is quick drying. Traditional nail polish manicures usually dry slowly, and even when they seem to be dry, they are still highly vulnerable to damage after the application process.

Gel manicures don’t dry naturally. Nevertheless, by using a high-quality LED or UV lamp, the curing process is quick and simple. What is more, you can get back to your day immediately after the application process, and you won’t cause any damage to your fresh manicure.

No chipping

Finally, gel nails guarantee no chipping and maintain a shiny effect even after 4 weeks. A LED or UV lamp makes a manicure durable but also resistant to all kinds of damage, like smudging.

All in all, gel nails are durable, shiny, and a beautiful manicure technique which is widely popular these days. If you remember to use high-quality products, like semilac fiber base and gel polish, you can be sure that your gel manicure won’t have any damage and will look perfect for up to 4 weeks.