That’s how I Understand My Kids!

“Oh baby, tell me what is that making you feel sad! I will give you my hand and pull you out of any situation that works no better for you.” Being a mother or father and sending them to good schools and giving them great foods and clothes doesn’t end the story. The story begins when you try to understand them and make efforts achieve their love and attention towards all that you say.

You clearly have no idea what their brain goes through if you don’t talk to them. Merely, talking with your kids and playing with them makes them feel complete and happy instantly. Increase the scope of your vision from the corner of the eye as to observe their activities and know them well. Come on and get your brain equipped with all the tips and tricks to understand your kid.

That’s how I Understand My Kids!0

That’s how I Understand My Kids!

Understand Their Psychology!

That’s how I Understand My Kids!1

How your kid will behave in any particular situation is what the blog of understanding kids’ psychology includes. It is a vast and most important for parents to understand and behave according to the developments and reports. It is a specialized branch that aims at several psychological processes of kids right from their dawn to youth. How their brain takes twists and turns is all this study of psychology tells you about. Letting you know their skills and change of interests and what not thereby making it easier for you to understand them is what this study aims at. So, read books!

Let them speak!

That’s how I Understand My Kids!2

Don’t believe in just talking and never letting them talk speak since they have to be listened in order to understand their true mind state. Don’t interrupt until they are done with what they were saying. Even if it does nothing; they still feel your attention and your love through eye contacts and facial expressions.

Be a Kid with Kids!

That’s how I Understand My Kids!3

“That teddy looks so cute dad, isn’t it?” And daddy keeps on wondering what is so cute in that weirdly colored bear! Dude, you gotta learn a lot to be best friend to your kids. And being a kid with your kids comes first. Understanding and thinking being an adult every time doesn’t make them feel secure to share their deepest threats and fantasies and “Secrets”.

Imaginations Created Rome and Let your Kid Build One!

That’s how I Understand My Kids!4

The imaginations of I-don’t-know how many great people created Rome and if you agree upon trusting your kid then he will also create something worth it. Just believe and let them imagine! And yes; listen to his words creating a palace in the air. And trust me; it ain’t boring to listen to these stuffs but a fun though!

Playing with them will make you Friends!

That’s how I Understand My Kids! 5

Their world of imagination is waiting for you to enter and explore the incredible fantasies. You have got nothing to do to make them your friend but dance like mad jumping on the bed and meow like cat getting wild. And trust me; the sparkle that their eye flaunts then is worth all of these. This Wi-Fi never gets disconnected once you are connected to them. Incomparably classic understanding will then be given to you building up a healthy relationship that kids cherish.

Dodge a Phone Call but not a Question

That’s how I Understand My Kids!6

Answer what they in utmost apt content elaborately as to make them understand everything their mind it asking. No question left unanswered will make them sharper and create your good image. Yeah, parents too need to take care of the image since they would love to flaunt you in front of other kids just like you love to flaunt their cuteness.

Know the Difference between Reacting and Responding

That’s how I Understand My Kids!7

Yelling on kids all the time is the bad choice. Please, be kind and try to respond not react on everything that goes the other way. Imagine your kid crying and you shouting at him that doesn’t calm him down! But then his dad arrives and takes him onto his lap telling him that he doesn’t have to worry and that everything will go great.

Focus on Everything

That’s how I Understand My Kids!8

Yeah, their tone, expressions, way of talking and body language must be noted and work as to know the things going on into their lives. All you need is to side besides them and talk. Don’t forget to let them talk and share their daily life experiences and happenings that will pull both of you towards each other.

Observe the World

That’s how I Understand My Kids! 9

Observing the kids growing round the world will help you know how today’s generation thinks about the daily life stuff. And this will make you understand the correct way to tackle the wrong things that they can do by getting along the bad company. The step of being a kid with the kid becomes easier when you start observing the world as to know the kid’s brain bit deeper.

“Mommy daddy; I love you! You comprehend me so well. I am lucky to have you. Please be my parent in next birth too!” And that’s the proud moment when your kid tells you such things. Nothing but only these words could compel you to get one baby and nourish their childhood doing everything possible for them; just for them. Go on… Have fun!