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50 Stunning Black and grey tattoos

50 Stunning Black and grey tattoos

Black and grey tattoos are absolutely perfect solution if you looking for the decision for which colour you should go with. They both are those colours which can go with any skin colour and will look ultimate and perfect. Planning to go for stunning black and grey tattoos is an ideal decision because it will

50 Traditional Marquesan tattoos for Men and Women

Marquesan Tattoos have originated from Marquesas Island which is situated in the south pacific. These tattoos can be easily recognised by few Trademark symbols such as Centipedes, geckos and Ti‘i’s, the Marquesan geometric and other cross designs. According to Marquesas culture, Boys got engraved their first tattoos in their earlier year of teens as per

20 Best Nightlife Cities In The World

The nights remain alive for a number of iconic cities in the world when many others choose to retire for the day. On the one hand, lights go out for the latter and these so-called ‘night-based’ cities are primarily known for their spectacular nocturnal activities. We do not mean to say they engage in hard-core