50 Most Romantic Wedding photos of this Year

Wedding is one of most memorable day in everyone’s life as after this day both boy and girl lose their bachelor ship and enter a new and different phase of their life. They start taking decisions and manage everything as one. They plan their family and take-up their responsibilities. The female sacrifices and male partner adjusts up to their maximum level in order to make the marriage successful. On a whole, it can be said that wedding is one of the most beautiful yet important day.

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To make wedding day more precious and gather the memories of the big day till the end everyone hire professional photographers and video film makers to click the photos of each and every special moments. They even make the extremely special video of wedding day in such a manner as if it is movie going on. Each one of us would spend plenty of money to make it most memorable and beautiful in every respect. The day is filled with emotions, excitement, love, romance and craziness. Now, we are going to discuss about most romantic wedding photos and poses which have been clicked this year.Wedding is a lifetime occasion for a groom and bride. It is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion in one’s life.Make t more beautiful by making amazing wedding banner to express your love.

Most Romantic Wedding photos of this Year

Modern Glam Classic Wedding

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Some of the romantic photos clicked this year by great photographers are described as under:

The fairy tale:

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Marriage is no different from a fairy tale and moreover we all deep inside our hearts are very much inclined towards the fairy feeling. Going out of the world and feeling the fairy charm is the loveliest feeling. This year couples went out of their way by getting the wedding photographs clicked in the fairy style. Some of the features of this lovely style are:

  • The bride looks absolutely stunning in the white gown with a lovely flower-crown on her head.
  • The groom gets perfectly suited like a gentleman in a black coloured three piece suit.
  • The most important element for the fairy tale style is the horse carrier with a seat for the bride and groom.

Joining the souls with the help of Door:

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Other lovely wedding photos which got popular this year were those that were clicked using the help of door. Both bride and groom were made stand behind the door showing half of their bodies. Marriage simply follows one principle, two bodies one soul. This is a great way by showing half bodies of both the partners in one photo but still making them one.

The hand in hand pose of the celebrities:

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It is true that every year many celebrities tie knots with their love-mates. Their weddings are always the talk of the town. It is lovely to see our favourite celebrities whether they are movie stars, sports person or even a famous politician. They are important public figures and rather a role model for the society. They way they talk, they move, they dress and they present themselves each and everything comes into limelight. So definitely their marriage poses are also adored and adopted by many. Undoubtedly the hand in hand pose of the celebrities, portrayed in public with their beloved and partners, is the preferred pose for most romantic wedding photos.

The heart-shaped swan couples:

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A single heart is the most romantic element. The power of the love has been gathered in this simple yet sweet symbol that is a heart. Two swans when kissing each other make such a lovely posture that the frame the heart very well. Even after the marriage, the couples tend to keep their image in their rooms as an impression of love and romance. This year the photographers have surpassed all the traditional postures and have come up with something innovative. The wedding photos of the couples have been designed similarly to that of the pair of two swans. The idea is truly amazing and completely full of love.

Going on the Knees:

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It is one of the most traditional ways of proposing your lady love by bending down on your knees. But believe me till date the same is the most preferred and loved way of proposing to your girl. No matter how much changes have come-up in the relationships among people but till date the standard of giving a proposal is same. From teenagers to mature women, each one of them loves it when their male partners bend on their knees for them. This year the most romantic wedding photos have been designed in the same way. The photographers have captured the lovely wedding moments in the same conservative manner and mesmerized many.

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Beautiful Wedding Wallpapers

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wedding photo shoot - groom taking bride's photo

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If you also planning to get married this year then discuss with your photographer for making your wedding photos absolutely romantic and heart throbbing. You should feel like watching them again and again for hours. So make sure you hire the right person and get the work done in the right manner.