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45 Playful & Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids

45 Playful & Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids

Lots of colours, papers and scissors, some glitters and lots of glue. What? It’s the craft time! And kids love to get all crafty and make funny things and sometimes even their first masterpieces. Add popsicle sticks to your list of shopping and make these amazing popsicle stick projects. Craft is the most fun thing that


30 Easy to Make DIY Jewelry Ideas for 2018

There’s no doubt that we, women, love our jewelry. The sparkling dangles hanging from our earlobes, the delicate necklace adorning our necks, the bracelets that add more grace to our wrists, all these are a part of a woman’s attire. These twinkling jewels add that extra shine to our personality. So we all know how