10 Original Maid of Honor Speech Examples

How to start your speech, when you want to say something about your sister who is going to marry a hunky man? Well, it is not that difficult. We have come up with Original Maid of Honor Speech Examples to give you a description about speech. But first things first, don’t worry about the audience. This is the best technique to speak something about your sister or your best friend you is starting a new journey of her life.

If you consider these ideas, then you can be the best public speaker with some amazing thoughts which can leave the crowd amazed. These juicy examples will help you in preparing for the maid of honor speech.

Original Maid of Honor Speech Examples

Begin with the talk of the couple:


Share your beautiful experience regarding the couple. Start with the moments you spend with them. What all the mischievous thing they have done together. How you have helped them in solving their fights. How you have always been good to them. How much you will miss you sister after she leaves.

A powerful quote:


You can begin the speech with the amazing quotes which can be impactful in the audience. This lovely quote will change the mind of the people. A quote will be the first step towards making an impact on the audience’s feelings. Try to choose a quote that reflects the relationship of the bride and the groom. How about listing down the to-do-list before that turn 40? Sharing your dream aspirations would be a nice idea too!

Ask a question:


An interesting way to attract the people is to ask a straightforward and genuine question regarding the experience with the maid of honor. This will increase the curiosity among others to know more about her. You can ask their experience related to the marriage and involve them in the talk.

Use of an object:


You can also use a beautiful belonging of the bride. If you want to recall the memories then use a childhood prop of hers. She will get emotional by seeing it. This can be the centre of the attraction. This will be an unexpected surprise for her. It will surprise your family as well. Turn relations back on with showering all the love before you let your lady love walk to other place with her dream man!

Actual description of the bride:


Tell the audience that the maid of honor is no less than the Angel. She is always been the best part of the life. She has always been your side when there was no one in your life. She is your companion for life. She has never left you alone. You are somehow afraid of the things that whether she will be safe at the new place or not. Tell her how much you love her and how much you will miss her.

Your description:


Start the speech with your own description. You can tell some qualities about yourself. After that, you can switch to the person whom you want to say about. Don’t try to be emotional thinking about the sad part but try to be very happy with the speech. Whatever you are speaking it should be relevant and genuine. Obviously, you are going to miss your sister/bff like anything, but you can, tell her or remind her how important she is in your life.

A big thanks:


You can thank her for all the comfort level she has provided to you. This is the best time to thanks you sister/bff for the things she has sacrificed for you. You can thank her future husband to choose such a beautiful girl of his dreams. And to the parent who got convinced with just the little efforts bride and groom made while in relationships.

Talk about the groom:


You can draw some attention to the groom for being so different overall the event. Share your experience that what was happened when you saw the groom first time. Were you happy with him? Just tell about all your experience with him and how you examined that he is the best guy for her. How he impressed you with his thoughts and opinions which led you to think that he is the one who deserves to be with your sister.



Remind the maid of honor that you are the ultimate well wisher for her. You will always bless their beautiful couple with the fabulous greetings. You can tell about the moments of your life where you always felt that she is the one for you all over your entire life. No matter how much you have fought for the things but you will always help her.

Married life:


You can give some funny tips on the married life which will always motivate her in her tough times. Though, she is going to get married, she will always be in your heart, and nobody can replace her. Wish her an amazing married life ahead. This is the time when you can show her that you will always stand beside her whenever he needs a supporting hand.

How to make your bestie or sister feel most special is not just the job of her man but you also need to take care of it. Go on and make the best speech with an ocean of feelings for her and tell her how much you all love her.