50 Jaw Dropping Car Interior Decor Ideas

Our life has completely changed after the invention of cars and other vehicles. Now, our life is totally dependent on these means of transportation. With the help of cars, long distances are traveled in very easy manner and short duration. Our average regular time in traveling from one place to another place is increasing day by day, due to this we need to spend more time on our comfort zone inside the car. As we always look carefully on the interior of house so why not with the cars.

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You often see many interior items or ideas on regular basis which directly stuck on your mind and you want that interior in your car. Either by hook or by crook you will try to make it yours. There are few   jaw dropping car interior decor ideas with which you can enhance the beauty, safety, entertainment and comfort zone of your car. These are mentioned below:

Jaw Dropping car interior decor Ideas

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Seat covers

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This is the most important part of your car’s interior as car seat plays very vital role for staying comfortable.

  • Fluffy seat covers are comfortable but when these are used in long run they create hassle.
  • The best way to choose car seat covers which are firmed and comfortable even if you need to travel thousands of miles.
  • Avoid leather seat covers, as they are not comfortable in both the conditions i.e. scorching heat and cold days.

Phone Holder

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Phone holder is very necessary and useful interior idea to you. It is very worthy to you, if you need to talk a lot on your mobile even while you driving. However, I would like to inform that it is an offense to use mobile while driving the car. So, purchase a phone handler and better go for a floating or shifting phone holder. Adjust it according to your use. Where you feel comfortable to stuck it, and after make proper use of it.

Door pockets

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If you are of such mentality that to carry all the necessary requirements with you, wherever you go then, this interior add-on will definitely work out for you. It is useful to handle pen, sunglasses, torches, cameras, notepads, mobile, lighter, cigarette box and all other stuff in a well organised way.

Movable shades

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In summer days, shades are very useful as it is very scorching heat outside.

  • Air conditioner too fails to maintain the temperature of the vehicle at normal.
  • We can use movable shades to apply on the windshield so that it start reflecting the heat from outside and assist in maintaining the temperature cool inside.
  • These shades can also save our eyes from strain and sunlight coming from the windows.
  • Moreover, it is one of the wonderful Car interior décor ideas as it is a rare-found feature.

Entertainment Additions

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