25 Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings

We all love pets. Whenever we think about keeping a pet at our house, the first pet animal that comes to our mind is dog. Dogs are known for their faithfulness and loyalty. They are also extremely emotional. You must have seen tears in the eyes of a dog that has been associated with you or your family, if anything happens to you. If you feel low or emotional you will find your dog too sympathizing with you.

They can’t speak but with their actions and gestures, they convey their feelings. Due to their behavior and tenderness, we tend to develop a strong attachment towards them.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings

Keeping a name for your dog

Naming our dogs or any other pet animals is no more less than naming a baby. Now-a-days, each and every parent is highly concerned and extra cautious while deciding a name for their new born babies because they feel that the name of the baby is somewhere related to their reputation. If they have given a unique name to their offspring they will receive appreciation and huge compliments for it.

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They same concept applies when you keep names for your dogs too. The name of a dog will depend on and depict the personality of the owner. Also, the name is directly related to the type and breed of the dog. In this article, we will be discussing most popular dog names and their meanings. But before that let us understand and learn about the points to be kept in mind while deciding the names of your pets:

  • Name should be short
    Longer the name and the more time it will take to pronounce it. It is always advisable to keep a short name for your pets which can be just pronounced in no time.
  • Easy to pronounce
    Keep such a name of your pet which can be spoken by your 6-year old baby and 60-year old parents too. The pronunciation should not be tough as many others will also call your by that name.
  • Nice to hear
    You may need to call your pet time and again in a day. You will hear the same name repeatedly. Hence, before finalizing a name for your pet make sure that it sounds great and pleasing.
  • Great Meaning
    It is not only pronunciation and length of the name that matters, but the meaning of the name is equally vital. Make sure that the name of your pet have a great meaning and is somewhere self-explanatory about his appearance and type.

Are you confused? You can’t decide a name for your dog that fulfills all the above mentioned conditions. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Upcoming is the list of most popular dog names and their meanings which will clear all your confusion and doubts. Read on to choose the best one for your pet.

Buddy: simply means the friend or from the budd i.e. The welcome messenger. It is basically a name for male dog and is quite popular round the world due to its sweet pronunciation and short length.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings1

Bella: means beautiful, a perfect name for a female dog with long hairs which truly describes her beauty and calmness.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings2

Cody: means a cushion. The name is precise and trendy and as sweet as a cushion.


Rocky: is a very common name. It is simply taken from the word rocking, there is no proper meaning defined in dictionary.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings4

Toby: means god is good. Meaning is really appreciable and the name is extremely small yet loving.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings5

Daisy: is a flower. Daisy sounds great for your female dog if she is having a attractive face like a flower and there are soft furs on her skin.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings6

Sadie: another name for a female dog which means princess. If you love your pet immensely, then this is really a good pick-up.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings7

Jake: if you recently bought a new dog or a small puppy in replace of your old one, then you can name him this as Jake means replace of another.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings8

Max: is the greatest. The name is suitable for the bulldog breed as the name itself speaks about their appearance.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings9

Bailey: the name is bi-sexual. It can be kept for both male and females. The meaning is extremely powerful i.e. trusted guardian of other’s property. Our dogs are the most trusted guardians.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings10

Buster: means extra-ordinary. Call your buster and display his qualities with his name.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings11

Molly: is a name for female dogs. It is another name for Mary. The name speaks it all.

Most popular Dog Names and their Meanings12

Sophie: personally I just love this name and completely adore it. It means wisdom and all dogs are full of wisdom and intelligence.


Jack: a short and sober name. Jack means that god is gracious. Another good pick up if you want to keep a meaningful name for your pet.

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