40 DIY Branch Art Installations that are Borderline Genius

Love is home and love is passionate and so the art that comes straight from the heart is always amazingly beautiful and heart touching. Adding to the fact, when nature plays its game in your favor and helps you with its naturally beautiful supplies gives your house an absolutely livable environment. The beautiful image of leaves that leaf imprints on a page can’t be more natural and beautiful when drawn by hand. Nature is the reason why beginners fall in love by doing the art so much like a pro at first hit itself.

Branches as well are a fun supply by the nature that could create so many adventurous thingies to decorate your house in a unique bravura. Eco-friendly people; you be happy! These 40 unbelievably amazing DIY Branch Art Installations are for you to polish your abode inimitably with explained steps on how to make these.

DIY Branch Art Installations

Retro Inspired Mirror Frames

Creative Lamp Making Branch Art

  • Requirements – Lamp, Branches, Gardening Scissors and Glue
  • How to Make – Take your lamp you need to recycle and cut number of branches in the length as the base of your lamp. Stick it around the lamp and paint it with your choice of colors that probably matches the interior of your room.

Dining Lightings!

  • Requirements – Big branches, bulbs or any kind of lighting, a rope and some artificial decorative birds and flowers.
  • How to Make – Their must be a clasp at the end of the rope and so on the wall to tie the rope with the branches hanging it right where you want. Use wires and holders to hang the lights on the branches and enlightening these will make the dinner time your favorite one with the family. Add birds and flowers on the branches and make the surrounding more beautiful.

Favorite Railing Idea

  • Requirements – A thicker branch maybe, railing holder and paint
  • How to make – How often it is that you go upstairs to meet your kids and you don’t like the way your stairs look; so simple and not creative at all. But one thing I am so sure about this amazing railing idea with branch is that it will be, both, stylish and rustic as the same time. Fix the clasp on the wall and so the branch on the clasp. That’s it! You could opt for paint if you don’t like the wood looking so simple. Taking this DIY Branch Art Installations idea to a higher level is in your hands now.

Branched Wall Frame

  • Requirements – Number of frames and set of branches and glue as well.
  • How to make – The simpler the frame would be; the classier the look and the more intricate and detailed it is; the more vintage look it would give to your home sweet home. Pin the frames on the wall in whatever pattern you wish to have and then just grab the branch cutting it into three parts according to the width of the frame. Stick it likewise and voila; your DIY Branch Art Installations photo frame inspiration is here to make your house beautiful.

Seahorse Branch DIY Idea

  • Requirements – Cardboard, branches and cutter and glue.
  • How to make – Start up by cutting the cardboard into the shape of a seahorse and so the branches accordingly varying as the curves of the seahorse. Simple glue them up on the cardboard letting it dry for a day then. You would need glue with stronger adhesive power to make this one last forever without letting the branches fall on your head.

Inspiring the Readers! Branch Bookshelf Idea

  • Requirements – Branches, books obviously and nails and hammer.
  • How to make – A few thick set of branches could make your reading habit more interesting by recreating your bookshelf naturally. Take the hammer and nail the branch on the wall like a pro and your bookshelf is ready to use. Grab your favorite book and arrange them on the branches intelligently. The interior set up of this wall hanging bookshelf would look inspiring when it is above your study table. Sure it won’t hold much books but it will surely make you love reading books.


Ball Lamp Inspiration

Bringing the outdoors inside would be the real fun. Lets take it to the higher level with the amazing headboards and other 40 DIY Branch Art Installations making your house interesting and beautiful. Being creative is life!