50 Arresting Religious Tattoo Sleeves

Holy Scriptures from Quran are often imprinted upon the sleeve along with certain significant symbols to detail the sleeve. Earth and fire are two religious symbols which looks great since mother earth has so many colours which together looks beautiful. Amazing combination of innumerable shades of yellow in pure fire is simply authentic. Crescent moon and star above is yet another symbol which has gained popularity over the past few years.

Buddha Tattoo Designs

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  • Gautam Buddha is the only lord whose preaching are being followed up by Buddhist monks and several countries on earth.
  • Buddha in the position of meditating divinely is portrayed by a number of tattoo lovers.
  • Also, the wheel with a number of stokes is another symbol which is accompanied with Lord Buddha.
  • Sak Yant tattoos are another kind of designs which were explored by Buddhist monks. It is believed that the one having this tattoo owns certain power within himself.
  • Gao yord, meaning 9 spires is one of the sak yant tattoos which is accompanied by several magical mantras written down in pali sanskrit.

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