30 Easy Acrylic painting Ideas which are Helpful

“Acrylics” – a wide platform for infinite ideas to land on and categorizing to be one of the major types of painting for a painter to look at. If you are not a painter yet but are on the journey to becoming one, you must know that you can create your personal custom paint by number by uploading a photo from your gallery; This way it is less likely for you to make mistakes while painting your canvas. Besides all the different branches of this one big tree in the world of art; there are many more specifications one artist must know about. Since every different type of acrylic painting ends up with different problems and mistakes it would be a pleasure for me to tell you the most common of them. And, how to NOT commit those mistakes along with the most important tips and awesome Acrylic painting Ideas to cherish the pleasure of painting generously!

Acrylic Painting Ideas

Body Painting

  • One of the most rewarding Acrylic painting Ideas it is. And now I am going to make it easier for you by making you aware of all the drawbacks and tricks acrylics have while painting the nude painting. Drawing from life makes a really impressive and realistic idea and a tough one as well.
  • Live painting inspired by the unclothed body is what defines the body painting. Studying your model is the foremost thing that needs attention and most mistakes are committed in the first step only. Proportions and figures are the features that will make the perfect nude portray.
  • Shadows and lights are the other major aspects of painting a nude Acrylic painting Ideas perfectly that rule the three-dimensional world of painting. Shading and highlighting must be practiced since it is the thing that makes any painting perfect. It creates the perfect illusion of creases in the body and changes in the landscape.
  • And, DO NOT hesitate or get afraid of pulling out the hand freely marking free moves and so the figure perfectly.

Nature Painting

  • Including everything that you see creates confusion! You are not under any obligation to put everything in a painting. Adding every element your eye crosses will make the painting messy. Choose only the elements that are important to duly categorize the landscape and that matters to the though you are going to tell the world through your painting.
  • Painting the same landscape over and over with different season expression and different moods is no bad thing. Be the Claude Monet in your paintings and make a series with different lights on the same landscape.

Still Life Paintings

  • Layering is important for still-life for representing the shadow and still feel. Colors won’t be able to play their most fascinating game when there would be no absolute layering.
  • Quality of light in the surrounding in real life of the object has to be correctly portrayed in the still life painting. The light being reflected by the top surface of the object has to be included as to make the painting lively.
  • Keep the object on the table and mark every proportion with respect to the surface on which the object is kept. Consider noticing the shadow and light and portion of object touching the surface importance foremost. Keep the color shades ready that you are going to need in your painting. It is easy to imagine and draw an exact image of how an object would look when painted.
  • Keep in mind one thing that still painting do needs the shading to be perfect and so the color mixing as well. But you do not have to take so much time while working with acrylics since it dries too quickly.

Portrait Painting

  • Studying features is the foremost thing to go for while thinking of painting a portrait. If you are going to make a self portrait, mirror would be a helpful idea for you. How eyes are looking and what shape of lips and so of the nose is the major thing one must consider since these very tiny features are working behind creating a lot of difference.
  • Now that you have studied the facial features, next step is to know the feel and the mood as to know the exact facial expression. Everything about even the eyelashes and eye brows and also if the eyebrows are thin or bushy or arched or sloped has to be noticed carefully.
  • Notice the dark and light areas of the face and so, the complexion as well. Mix the colors that match with the complexion and paint it accordingly.
  • If you are right hand, prefer the light on your left side with the person (to be portrayed) sitting in the front.

Cherish art when you have a tiring long day and you have a seriously crackling headache after work and still don’t want to sleep but want quality time with yourself. Acrylic painting ideas for beginners will be definitely a good start. Practice and make your art a passion for your life.