40 Simple and Easy Landscape Painting Ideas

For starters, try not to paint everything you see in the scenery before you on your canvas. As a painter, learn how to use your instinct and focus on a few things before you. For instance, if you are tending to an open farm, a cityscape or a waterscape, focus on a few structures before you as a reference and capture their strokes onto your canvas. We would recommend you to start from a little area and then spread to a much larger one as you go on with experience and expertise.

Your Simple and Easy Landscape Painting Ideas should contain the strongest elements of the scenery before you. If it is a waterscape, capture the lighthouse, a dark sky with an array of gleaming stars, and a calm ocean with a couple of tough waves.

Paint Your Imagination:






Why are you drawing a landscape in the first place? If you wanted to capture the place in front of you, you could have just gotten a postcard from the market or snapped or scanned and subsequently, printed a picture of it. Learn how to use your imagination and rearrange the setting of the structures before you.

If you see an open meadow with a couple of sheep and a plain old cow, add color to the green grass and mix a little bit of brown in it too. To have a wild setting, you can also transfer the day setting to that of a starry night, and paint a cow on the moon. Your goal is to capture the essence of the whole scenery and consequently, the Simple and Easy Landscape Painting Ideas are before you. Use your brushes to create magic.

Give Preference To The Background Or The Foreground – One At A Time: