40 Abstract Wall Painting ideas For a More Artistically Rich Look

Home. A single word could give you so many different feelings and make you remember all the moment you have had with your siblings and mommy daddy! I can’t resist but sharing with you these amazing Abstract Wall Painting ideas that will make you want some for your house too! And making a house beautiful is your idea, totally! Listen to whatever idea your heart beeps and agrees you to get for your house.

Abstract art is an imaginary expression of art. We can see many times a painting where the visual or concept of painting is blurred with colors. There is not any specific line or curves on it. Though, these ideas and tips may help you! The only thing you can see is various colors that are merging into each other. And if we look deeply and observe it, we will found that it has some shapes and visuals yet it does not clearly exist in the painting. The Today we will discuss 40 abstract painting ideas for a more artistically rich look. Let’s go!

Abstract Wall Painting ideas

Golden sparks on white canvas

Abstract Wall Painting ideas

Gold is always expression of richness. Try to design an Abstract Wall Painting ideas where you can use to draw with golden paint.

Rain Inspired Paintings

Abstract Wall Painting ideas

You can draw an expression of rain and clouds with acrylic colors. As rain is always a sign of prosperity and richness, it will give your house an attractive look with deep meaning. Even the idea of painting a girl with umbrella in the rains brings illumination of artwork at the house.

Cherry blossom tree

Cherry blossom will gave really a rich feel to the entire viewer. You can use grey and white background.

Red flames

Red is always an expression of royalty. So this time, try to draw red flames on canvas you can use black or yellow to make it more expressive.

Red smoke

It’s another beautiful idea to draw Abstract Wall Painting ideas. Red Smoke, I must tell you it is indeed a tough idea to give a painting absolutely smoky, but it is worth a try.


On blues butterfly is always a great concept for Abstract Wall Painting ideas. You can draw an imaginary butterflies on the blue background.

Guitar on wall

You can use to draw guitar on canvas. Behind the guitar you can draw bricked wall or any simple wall-to-wall hooks.

Autumn tree on different backgrounds

You can draw an autumn tree using only black color and in the background you can use different colors. You can draw two similar paintings, but change the background color.

Buddha’s face

The Buddha is an expression of peace, but you can draw a Buddha face on canvas using the strong and sharp colors.


You can draw horses on watery background or forest background. Yes, the ideas where there is a burning horse also gives an artistically creative look to your drawing room.

Lion face

Lion is expression of richness and bravery. You can draw a lion face on different merging colors.

Women’s Portrait

An imaginary woman is most used and also reclaimed inspiration in Abstract Wall Painting ideas. You can draw women or express women by shapes.

The Color block

Not only home but also the fashion has given the top position to the color-blocking genre of style. This is a widely used subject in digital paintings so why not use it as Abstract Wall Painting ideas for your house.

Different geometrical shapes

This is yet another most trendy Abstract wall Painting Ideas that is becoming everyone’s favorite these days because of its simple designing concept and intricate color scheme.

Night and glowing object

You can draw the glowing object of night as drawing concept. You can draw lamps and candle and any other things of your interest.

Sea waves

Sea Waves are yet another beautiful expression used in abstract art. The feelings of sea waves lashing all over your feet with sand entangling and playing with them is refreshed the moment somebody will see this amazing artwork displayed at your house.

Starry night

Starry Night and you calmly relaxing holding his hands looking at the sky. Deep, isn’t it? It is, after all, also a way to express a feeling of superiority.

Woody forest

Woody Forest is related to peace how deeply is a question only answerable by those who have actually cherished such moments. It is as joyful in painting and also grabs easy attention by others.

Pine trees

Pine tree, the height may symbolize your heights of creativity and your house will look amazing with such paintings making stories. They always look great whether we see them in reality or we see them in a picture.

Metallic Wall Painting Inspiration

Metallic inspiration is never a fading subject for painting, whether its an abstract art or any other form of art.

Tulip Wall Art

Flower is love, always! You can express tulip on wall art painting with a mix background of your choice. It may not be a wall painted always, you can also stop caring and start grabbing the best canvas painting ideas for your house.

Lakes and mountain

Lakes and mountains may be another good subject for paintings for those who are the true lovers of nature. Abstracts ask you to go for something extraordinary and trying the geometry is a good idea.

Couple on the dance floor

Couples dancing define happiness and can be a good expression in abstract art. Making home beautiful does not only count the abstract wall painting ideas to be artistically rich. In fact, happiness is what it must flaunt.

Sparrows and birds

Sparrows and Birds are a great topic of interest for Abstract Wall Painting ideas these days. Animal lovers, come here, I have a treat for your house to make it lovelier hub that will definitely suit your interest.

Falling leafs looks

Leaves falling freely and wind blowing them away is a fantastic abstract wall painting ideas for richer look for your house.

Making your house beautiful is not just a painter’s or designers role to play. Your family’s happiness is also a big factor to add on the actual beauty to the home sweet home. And these Abstract Wall Painting ideas are there for you anyway! Cheers!