These Remarkably Genius Make-up Hacks will Make Life Easier

Have you ever caught your hubby telling you the time that is two hours prior to the time of the movie show he has booked? Well; shit happens babe! Though; this shit of you standing in front of mirror for so much time is somewhat embarrassing.

Congratulations ladies. There may be a hope for you to shock your husband by getting ready before time and look hotter than ever. Little brainy tricks will solve all the make-up miseries for you making life so damn easier.


In the world where there is a race for looking the best, comes a word “Make-Up”!  Be a woman with beauty but don’t forget the brains for it only could save those 2 hours and inspire the fashionistas to know these genius yet classy make-up tricks.

These Remarkably Genius Make-up Hacks will Make Life Easier

Undertones? Green and Orange Concealer


Ever heard of complementary colors? Yes; the opposite seeming shades it is! Hiding the pimples is easier when you conceal skin with green and orange concealer. First; moisturize! Second; apply concealer! Third; apply foundation and correct concealer as per your complexion. And your skin looks dapper then!

Know the Right way to Apply Foundation


Wanna flaunt the real skin or make it look like the artificial one? Please; start applying the foundation from the center that goes on fading till it reaches the circumference of the face. Applying it randomly starting off with the edges will make the skin look artificial.

Brighten Eyes with Triangle


Draw a triangle with the foundation and not just the eye bag to brighten up the eyes and make the face glamorous. The triangle should be so that it reaches till the bottom of your nose. Please leave the smile curve on your cheeks untouched to avoid the imitated appearance.

Instant Pimple Hiding


Foundation… then concealer… then the setting powder! Voila! Did you have a pimple two seconds ago? “No babe; I didn’t!” Ha-ha! You are on the way to beautiful skin all over again now.

Contouring Tips!


    • Heart Shaped Faces; ALERT! Balance out the wider upper side of your face by starting to contour the sides of your forehead and the narrow lower side of your face. Don’t forget the cheekbones and below-the-chin portion of your face.
    • Highlight the areas under the eyes making an upside-down triangle and along your brow bone and the forehead. Middle of the chin is also not to be ignored to make the narrow portions of a diamond shaped face broader.
    • Ladies with oval face, pay attention! For the perfectly highlighted face; go on contouring the sides of your forehead and the area below the cheekbones. Leave the middle of the forehead, upper cheekbones and chin for highlighting.


  • Oblong face will need to contour the hairline as to make it appear lower and make face a bit rounder. The area below cheeks is yet another thing to be contoured. Highlighting the cheekbones and chin will get you one step closer to a perfect make-up.
  • Contouring along the temples will give just as perfectly stunning look to the round face till the cheeks through the ears. How well you contour the temples will only make you face appears slimmer! Highlighting the cheekbones and the chin is what completes the task.

Blush Set Up


Moisturizing; priming, foundation applying, layer up the formula and finally spraying the setting spray will give you a truly flawless appearance.

15 Seconds to Smoky Eyes


Applying smudgy eyeliner is first step. Get as messier as you can is preferable to give you just perfect smoky eyes. Simply use the finger to spread out the eyeliner throughout the eye lid. Apply mascara and you are done.

Now, about mascara! Don’t apply it just like you do regularly viz., with the wand held horizontal. First applying it horizontal and then vertical will give more of a messy and seducing appearance to your eyes.

Sexy Cleavage with Bronze Base


Hydrate the skin and prep it up with a good skin moisturizer. Now, apply the bronze base above the cleavage in v-shape. Push the shoulders forward and apply the bronze base again on and off the collarbone. Blend the color and highlighter to get a sexy cleavage and work best with your deep neck outfits.

Sticking Tape for Winged Eyeliner


Though; you might have heard about the spoon hack to make just perfect eyeliner as well. It works too! Place the sticking tape right where you want your eyeliner to end and start off lining a single layer getting a perfect. Broaden it up as per your requirements.

Lipstick Application is, in fact, a Tough Job


Start off by putting an outline at the central V-portion of the lips and the corners as well. Applying lipstick throughout the lips in one hit could make it tougher to shape the lip color up. Instead applying lipstick after the basic outlining will make the lips shaped up perfectly and make it as pouty as Marilyn Monroe.

Just the make-up hacks won’t make you the beauty queen. You must know what stylish outfits will work best on your persona. And the hairstyles that look classy. Never forget the tattoos though! All of these walk hand-in-hand with each other. You cannot afford to ruin the make-up by wearing wrong outfits. Be perfect… be a fashionista!