40 Rare Sak Yant tattoos by Thai Monks (No Ordinary Ink Tattoo)

Every tattoo owns a deep meaning and that’s how you feel connected to it! And when it comes to having a unique sacred tattoo of spiritual believes, traditional tattoos come first. If you are adamant about having spiritual tattoo then you better know the values, history and power within it. This time we brought you up amazing designs of Sak Yant tattoos by Thai Monks, yes, monks are tattoo artists too, aren’t they so cool? Scroll down to check out fascinating Sak Yant tattoo designs.

Rare sak yant tattoos by Thai Monks


Guys, let us tell you what exactly ‘sak yant’ means! Sak means ‘to tattoo’ while yant means ‘Yantra’ and this word comes from Sanskrit language. Well, it’s not new to world since Angelina Jolie has this catchy tattoo on her back.  Sak yant tattoos are seriously different from any other tattooing art on this planet because of:

  • Senior monks (ajarns) can only do this
  • Only bamboo pipes are used no needles and no machines
  • Self made Ink consists of sesame oil to snake venom, charcoal and mystical ingredients (No ordinary Ink)
  • Once the tattoo is done, senior monk (ajarn) performs prayers to activate the tattoo’s power





Hah Taew:
Aka  5 sacred lines! Now, western people are aware of this amazing tattoo design just because of Angelina Jolie.  Powers and meanings of these 5 scared lines or rows are:

  • First row protects the home you live in and cleans out all negativity from your body and home.
  • Second row keeps you safe from bad luck
  • Third row guards you from black magic
  • Fourth row gains you positive energy, success and ambitious lifestyle.
  • Fifth row gives you brilliance





Magical Gao Yord:
With nine magical spires this tattoo gains you magical powers keeping you safe from all bad fortune and proving you good luck, moreover, nine spires yant also symbolizes Lord Buddha. If you look deep into the design you will find out oval three shapes on every spire, that’s sitting Buddha.  Girls, if you are looking geometrical tattoo designs, feel free to consider this outstanding design and with such tattoo you can flaunt your sexy back.