When You Are Confused About Your Relationship


“A relationship doesn’t need to be bad to be bad for you!”

9 out of 10 people end up realising that they were into a wrong relationship. And trust me, there is nothing bad in experiencing a wrong relationship. Though, trying to stay in the relationship even after discovering the fact that the person you are sharing your life with is wrong for you could make your life a difficult place to live in.

Yeah maybe you wanted to have that passionate love of your life that you haven’t experienced yet and so you jump into a relationship with the first guy who proposed you or maybe it is the fact that you don’t know how your Mr. perfect would be like! Whatever the reason maybe, being into relationship would never failed to tell you a lot about life.

No doubt that initial stages would be happier and make you feel like it is the one and only relationship you are aspiring for, but the later stages will bring certain complexities that would decide how long your relationship is going to last. No matter if your relationship is successful or it fails to quickly than expected, it will always give you were the life experiences that would ease up the amalgamation of understanding your life in a better way. Face it When You Are Confused About Your Relationship and overcome negative vibes about confusion leading to frustration just by practising guidelines. May be these mantras enlightened by buddha could be helpful.

When You Are Confused About Your Relationship

Slow but Steady, Wins the Race!


Taking things slowly letting them happen in their own natural way is important during the initial stages of a relationship; especially when you are confused about your relationship. Do not commit if you are not sure about your emotions and feelings about this relationship. Deliberately pushed commitments that doesn’t come out of feelings in the heart is dodgy and could take your relationship in a wrong direction. Red alert area is more perilous than being on the grey “I-Don’t-Know” Zone!

Check on Regular Behavorial Reactions on Situations


Being different from each other does not affect the durability of your relationship in any way. Though, “respect” takes a high score on deciding how long your relationship is going to last. Respect comes when you find your partner much elevated on morals and integrities of life. You cannot respect a person who talks to a waiter disrespectfully unlike you who never fails to designate them humbly.

Confusion can be Positive, at Times!


“Confusion” is a sure result you are going to face once you are in a love relationship with your friend. And guess what, it is a positive thing in this case! When you are in a relationship with a friend of yours, you have to make up your mind to change certain behavorial patterns that were normal when you weren’t commited. Indeed, you would expect your partner to understand you better than anyone because you have moved in with your friend. Though, it is not going to change the way a relationship has to be.

For example, it used to be normal when you saw some sexy guy around and uttered to your friend “Isn’t he sexy?”. But once you are in a relationship, saying this same exact statement would hurt his emotion. So you have to better analyse things before speaking or doing them out. Being in relationship with a friend pulls out a better person that has been hiding for all these years.

Know What is Making your Feel Confused!


Is it the aspirations you wish to achieve that is making you choose between career or him? Is this the kind of person you ever wanted to be? Is it just the physical attraction that made you two come together? Or is it the changing situations and priorities that is making you feel confused? Is it just “YOU” who is confused even when your partner is just the person you wanted? Analysing the root cause is important before reaching any good or bad conclusion about your relationship and talking to your partner. Life fixing quotes that works and helps everyone might help you too!

Talk to your Partner


“Talking” is the only key that would decide how long and healthy your relationship is going to be. Even if you feel deeply in love… expressing the same would need some talking! And feeling frustated about the fact that you are confused will need you to talk it out straight with your lover. Discuss factors that makes you feel confused about your future with him. Now, that you have analysed the reasons and factors creating confusion, discuss it all with the other significant.



If you are expecting the dust to settle in a moment, then you are wrong. You have to stay calm and not lose hope at all. If thinking and analysing and talking to your partner doesn’t resolve the matter for you, it is time to make decision now. It is better to be alone When You Are Confused About Your Relationship rather than being at some place you don’t like yourself to be. Backing off hurts but it gives life a right and stronger foothold for happy future ahead. If you decide to stay together forever, it is time to give this good news to your parents and meet his as well. Time to impress the in-laws!

Sometimes, it is neither those situations that are at fault nor your partner who deserved this relationship… sometimes, it is just “YOU” who you need to think about. One person happy and other person confused will never ever make this relationship last forever. Leaving things at a good turn is way better than worsening it up by staying together.


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