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40 Geometric iPhone Wallpapers To Decorate Your Screen

40 Geometric iPhone Wallpapers To Decorate Your Screen

Technological advancement has made our life much easier and simpler, isn’t it? The wallpapers series is continuously advancing in age and with the age comes experience. Wallpapers are extremely important as they give our phone a new feel and enhance its beauty. Well! Does anyone knows that the prior duty of iPhone developers is to

40 Rare Sak Yant tattoos by Thai Monks (No Ordinary Ink Tattoo)

Every tattoo owns a deep meaning and that’s how you feel connected to it! And when it comes to having a unique sacred tattoo of spiritual believes, traditional tattoos come first. If you are adamant about having spiritual tattoo then you better know the values, history and power within it. This time we brought you

40 Samurai Warrior Tattoo Designs

Today, without any doubt we can say that samurai’s have become a principal part of the Japanese tattoo world. Now, you must be wondering who are Samurai’s? Why they hold an indeed important place in traditional Japanese tattoo designs? Let us tell you – Samurai are a class of highly disciplined, courageous and well-trained warriors