10 Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas

People who love to be surrounded by the flowers and plants will definitely love this article. We are going to reveal all the vertical garden ideas that will help you in your home decor. Your home looks more beautiful with the greenery. This vertical garden is an overlook of the small greenery part of your home. It comes in the vertical alignment. The design can be obtained by the arrangement of pots making a perfect and Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas when there isn’t much space for garden. This maybe a perfect indoor installation to try this time!











Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas

  1. Wood trellis with succulent letters:


If you want to decorate your wall with something interesting, then place a wooden trellis in a dynamic structure and fill the juicy letters on it. Fix some beautiful flowers on it. You can display sweet or quirky thoughts on them. It can be filled with different types of flowers depending upon the various seasons. It will create a splashing effect on the wall. Also, order some pre-made planter letters.

  1. Stackable herb tower using herbaceous plants:


This method is drilling free. You can build a tower which has a realistic appearance. Pick out various flower pots of different radius and make a tower using it. Stack them one by one on top of each other. The biggest flower pot will be the base for the last tower and fill the gap created between the several flower pots.

  1. Vertical garden planters using soda bottles:


People who are fond of cold drinks or juices usually have a collection of the soda bottles in their junkyard. This method is quite handy for them, and it suits the best for decorating the garden. Take a thread and tie the mouth of the bottles in the synchronization. Moreover, you can add some decorative flowers on each bottle to give it a glamorous look. Yet another must try idea for low space terrarium installation.

  1. Wall planter on the stand alone wall:


There is an availability of the plenty of wall planters in the market which can give a nice look to your wall. This is especially for the small size walls. It can be helpful when you need to decorate the wall but don’t have the approximation. The stand alone wall has a wire netting which can accommodate up to 35 small terra-cotta flower pots.

  1. Picture planter frames:


Usually, we always frame the special moments of our life but imagine if we build a structure of flowers. It will resemble a lovely plant painting. You can use it on your walls. You can put it in the outer walls of your house and it will look quite impressive with such in-house plants grown on it.

  1. Vertical pyramid tower:


It is the best method to decorate with the plants in a vertical style – the modernized one though! Form a pyramid of small plants with the sand and you will have a great looking vertical tower. Eventually, the plants will grow and may also have flowers on them. Create a wooden structure in the pyramid form. It is optional if you want to add some netting on the pyramid tower.

  1. Hanging planter:


You can hang the flower pots on the copper pipe with a fantastic string. This will help in the decoration of the vertical garden. Moreover, you can stack the crates in the vertical form. Make sure that the crates should be of the wooden planks. Add some inspirational messages on the top of the Creative Vertical Garden Ideas to make it even more extraordinary.

  1. Pouched garden:


Instead of hanging the plants you can put it into the pouches. This is very helpful if you want to hide some dirty places of your garden. Take a long piece of thick cloth and drop it in the form of pouches. It will be in the form of kangaroo bags. Assign one by one your favorite stuff inside it.

  1. Cinder block outdoor planter:


This is a very nice method for the outside view as well as it is not expensive, which makes this an even better idea. You can add a wall planter to your backyard. It will give a smashing look to your house.

  1. Tiffin system:


To make your wall more attractive, you can add some Tiffin on the Creative Vertical Garden Ideas and implant the small plants inside every Tiffin. Color the Tiffin with different colors. This will give a gorgeous and stunning look of the wall. Try to keep the wall made of wooden blocks. Color the wall with various colors. Don’t leave a single area without color.




















Creative Vertical Garden Ideas are perfect when you garden and nature lover but the space your house has is a big issue! Walls, kitchen, shelves, stands, door side, wherever it is that you find space go on planting herbs and floral shrubs and miniature plant.