20 Easy to grow House Plants


Whenever a person associates himself with the nature, he achieves maximum level of peace and contentment. Growing plants, gardening and maintaining trees are some of the best leisure time activities. Moreover, to decorate your homes in a natural way nothing can be better than growing plants with your own efforts at your home. Some may think growing plants or vegetables is a challenging task, but there are some the easy to grow house plants which are completely hassle-free.

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Those who don’t have enough space for garden they can try some unique ideas of mini indoor gardens ideas.

Easy to grow House Plants

Green Beans

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They are best when they are fresh. If you consume canned or stored green beans, you would yourself see the difference. Other than eating benefits, green beans can be easily grown at home under the sunlight with some moist soil. For supporting them, make use of sticks.


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They are small plants which generally have waxy and textured leaves. They are of different types such as water rubber plant, silver or watermelon Peperomia. They are highly preferred due the colorful leaves. It should be taken due care that these plants are not eaten or chewed by any living being as they poisonous.

Chinese evergreen

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The beautiful foliage with silver and gray shades on leaves makes this Chinese evergreen plant highly attractive and desirable by all. They are one of the tough plants and have low light spots.  To grow them, you should keep them moist at 60 degrees F with low or medium level light.


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This is a lovely houseplant with single stem and somewhere looks like a decorative item. One should put together in a large container to get a better appearance. If you find the corn plant growing too long, then cut back of the cane and grow it in medium or bright light.


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We can grow this plant easily at home and it grows very well in winter days. Sow the seeds little far from each other so that they get a lot of space to grow. We can see the plant sprouting nearly in a week.

Mandarin Oranges

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It is actually tricky to grow mandarin oranges as they require proper-sized pot and adequate amount of sunlight. If we grow them indoors, they will grow as herbs and not trees and would deliver fruits in about 12 months.


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There are many related species as well. If you planning to brighten up your rooms then, this is the best option. The green leaves with white spots looks amazingly beautiful. These plants are poisonous and should not be consumed.


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It is difficult to give the required acre to these plants. These plants generally take 10 years to grow up to that level where they can bear fruits and this is possible when all the needed conditions are put right.

Snake Plant

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If you will neglect this plant, it will grow extremely well. If you have been trying plastic plants till now, then you should a give try to snake plant as well. The leaves are sword-shaped and cannot be destructed easily.


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Mint plants are extremely easy to grow. They do not require much sunlight. In fact, they grow with the help of indirect light and sufficient drainage.


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Another easy to grow house plant is Philodendron. It is a durable plant with heavy foliage. The leaves are heart-shaped and look extremely well with low-light spots.

Zeezee plant

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It is also called as eternity plant due to its long life. They can easily tolerate neglect and stay well even in low-light. The growth of this plant is slow but can be easily grown at home.

Spider Plants

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These are being grown from many years and till date are extremely popular. There are plain green leaves and leaves with white or cream marks as well. These plants easily spread roots in waters and start new plants.


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Hoya is the wax plant. It has green leaves and pink waxy flowers as well. Moreover, this plant doesn’t require much water. It can even stay strong if you forget to water it every day.

Rubber Tree

It is one of the old-fashioned trees. This tree is famous for giving out sticky and milky material when broken. If you want to keep it short, just trim its stems. The plant is loved by all due to its dark green colored, big and shiny leaves.

Boston fern

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These types of plants are well-suited for hanging baskets. The plant will live only if you give it the desired level of moisture, light and humidity. It is easy to grow and can up to 4 feet.


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This is short shrub, but the golden, pink, orange colors and shades glow very well during day time in the sunlight. The beautiful leaves make this plant a star. It can grow in bright light with 60-75 degrees F.


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These plants need a humid atmosphere. A pot with small pebbles and water all over would serve the best atmosphere for these and within few weeks, the chives grow beautifully spreading the aroma all over.


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It is one of the edible plants that can be grown easily indoors. With adequate level of sunlight and proper moisture, you can germinate these at your homes. Their fragrances and tastes are just perfect.

Jade Plant

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The easy to grow house plant which can solve your problem of watering the plants is Jade Plant. You must have noticed this plant many times in offices and even in houses. The small and strong green leaves are the most stunning and extremely appreciable part of this plant.You can also try some modern gardens ideas for your house.