20 Step by Step Art Drawings to Practice in Free Time

As we all know that everybody love some art which they can perform in their free time. This is one of the good habits. In fact, it makes you feel fresh and happy. There are lots of things that include in art like dancing, playing badminton, reading books and so on. But the most interesting and innovative hobby is art and drawing. You can draw whatever you love to draw like sketch related to nature’s beauty, any bird and so on. It can help you to draw your imagination on a white paper. Well, many persons want to learn drawing in the easiest way. Are you also want to interested in the same? So, in this article, there are some tricks that can make you an artist. These steps are so easy which you can learn in a few minutes and with small efforts with 20 ideas for step by step art drawings to practice in free time.

Step by Step Art Drawings


You can draw any food in a white paper like apple, mango, grapes and any other. Then you can fill colors related to the fruit. If not that then drawing an ice-cream could be an enjoyable idea as well. Acrylic painting has many other such ideas that will make your paintings reliving.

Faces and Expression-

Well, making faces and different expressions on a page is one of the easiest way of learning a drawing. You can also start with this option. Though, it could be funnier if you go for animated facial expressions but double the concentration and art in hands would be required to draw a living human face.


Nature’s best gift with so many different drawing inspirations to an artist is a tree. Even, you can make different colorful trees with a beautiful scenery. It makes you more creative and innovative. You can love while making this.


Flowers are one of the beautiful thing in a nature. You can draw various type of flower designs on a sheet and color it. Not just the drawing but the painting part is also very spine-tingling.

Cartoon Animals-

You can draw an image of an animal in a page with step by step art drawings to practice in free time. This is a very fast way to learn drawing. Yes, my favorite are the minions and my kids love it too so I gifted him with a minion greeting card on his birthday.

Buildings or Architectural Structures-

Making building by using scale for perfection. You can even draw your dream house. In fact, side by side you can learn a best drawing.


As practice makes a man perfect, so, you can also learn drawing by practice in your free time. Making leaf is one of the step of learning drawing.

Paisley Designs-

In mehendi designs and groovy doodles, paisley designs are quite famous. And it even is easy to draw. Simple raindrop symbol with a bit curl at the sharp end of the paisley and VOILA!


Tattoos and mehendi cannot dare to miss out mentioning the mandalas in it. A semi-tribal design with twirls and circles having intricate detailings make this designs to be explained  by these Step by Step Art Drawings.

Designer Doodles-

Well, its yet another amazing Step by Step Art Drawings you love to draw. Often in the messengers you might have seen such cute looking heart designed to give a semi-real and semi artistic look.


Hello, nature lovers! You can now do something that will feel always make you feel lucky with these amazing Step by Step Art Drawings of birds. In fact, you can create your own imaginations and give them different colors.

Mehendi Designs-

Some of you love to draw the mehendi designs. But they aren’t able to draw on anybody’s hand. So, this is one of the wonderful way to learn designs.


Boys mainly love to draw on vehicles. In fact, you can draw your dream bike or car on a white paper. This is one of the best way to show your love and regarding the vehicle.


Well, drawing is a way which you can try when you are free. You can learn to draw on eyes as there are many designs related to eyes. In fact, you can even notice that eyes are one of the important part of a drawing.


You can easily draw on the image of furniture when you are free at home. As there are lot of furniture in your home like, bed, chair and so on.


You would love to draw the photograph of your family. In fact, the picture you can draw related to your family becomes your memorable thing for a lifetime. But let me tell you; it is the expression and facial feature of a human that differs one human from other. And so, it will take a lot of practice before you step down to be a portrait artist.

When it is art, it is passion. And these ideas will not only inspire your kids but you as well to try drawing something exeptional as well.