40 Perfect Places for a Tattoo

Tattooing, nowadays, has become a coolest trend in fashion. Desiring of drawing tattoos doesn’t stand alone significantly, but what matters is the part of the body where you are getting the tattoos.

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Seems like you aren’t able to decide the Perfect Places For a Tattoo! Don’t you worry dude. This article will surely help you know the best tattoo placements..If you are afraid of making tattoos get your fear out by trying some cute little finger tattoos.

Perfect Places for a Tattoo

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Upper Shoulder Tattoos

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Don’t wish to show your upper shoulder tattoo? Wear a sleeved shirt. Tattoos on upper shoulders are easy to manage since you can easily hide or show them. Moreover, both, men and women can get a cool tattoo over this position from a countless designs. Tribal tattoos are common amongst all other kinds of designs for shoulders.

Thigh Tattoos

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  • It becomes difficult to show the tattoos that have been drawn over thighs. However, once they get out of their professional dress up, they can easily show off the tattoo by wearing short clothes including shorts for men and miniskirts & hot pants for girls.
  • But, many a times tattooing over thighs has not proven to be a wise choice as the skin over this position tends to get stretched and spoil the artwork.
  • Sugar skull, river otters, floral designs and many other distinct designs give a unique look to thighs.

Foot and ankle tattoos

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  • All the women out there! Cheer up! Here’s something that suits you more than men.
  • Symmetrical designs are preferable since they can be then painted on both foots. Natural designs like flowers or shooting stars or a group of stars is a great theme for foot and ankle tattoos.
  • And you don’t even need to worry about its visibility as it can be covered with socks whenever required.

Neck tattoos

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One may get a tattoo on the back of the neck or the side of the or in front as well. Out of these three, tattoos in the front of the neck are not very much popular since they are difficult to hide whereas tattoos on the side and back of the neck look sexy and can be easily hidden.

Aztec, Celtic and tribal design tattoos are the ongoing craze in teenagers. Moreover, lizard designs and floral arts are popular for tattooing side of the neck including back of ear as well. Men are more likely to have discrete designs of sun, animals and crosses along with several amazing tribal designs.

Chest tattoos

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Generally, men are more inclined towards tattoo on chest than women. Since, chest has a larger surface area and can be easily hidden; a combination of various elaborated tattoo symbols can be drawn over the chest by men unlike women who tend to put up a small tattoo design above the breast. Some elaborated designs are so elaborate that they include some part of stomach making it look drastically amazing and unique. Animals, hearts, skull, fairies and exclusive Celtic arts are well known tattoo ideas for chest.

Lower back tattoo

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Angelina Jolie got a Thai tiger tattoo on her lower back which looks damn hot. Lower back placements of tattoos are generally for women and they can easily hidden or shown whenever one wishes to. Wearing hot bikinis and backless dresses to show off these tattoos could turn to look sexier. Right from floral artwork to dolphins and dragon designs along with other v-shaped designs look awesome on lower back.

Finger and wrist tattoos

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  • While you choose finger or wrist to be tattooed, you need to know whether you wish an elaborate artwork or a simple ring or bracelet like design on your finger or wrists.
  • The tattoos over these parts are easily visible, especially fingers; since there is no scope to hide them.
  • Spider web structure or vines and lovely hearts are chiefly included in tattooing fingers and wrists.

Face tattoos

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History has witnessed people tattooing across the complete body including the face. Since then, face tattooing came into race. Despite of the fact that these drawings cannot be hidden, youngsters these days have evoked a deep passion towards it. A complete detailed patchwork by ink can do as per person’s choice. Though, a small and précised design is more likely to b socially acceptable. For instance, a star may be tattooed at edge of you eyebrows.

Belly Button Tattoos

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Belly buttons are considered to be the most fascinating and most artistic part of the body for tattooing especially for women. The tattoo on belly button is considered to be much artistic because of this unique feature glorifies the femininity. A funny tattoo of cartoon character or an animal would look fabulous. Also, floral arts or traditional designs are on the go.

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Before you approach a tattoo master, don’t forget to read the required precautions to be taken before and after tattooing in order to avoid any damage. We hope that this article might have helped in choosing the part you are going to get a tattoo. Do share your lovely tattooed images and experiences along with doubts and valuable unique thoughts.Sleeve tattoo is one of popular ideas for tattoo placement.