Different Types of Lips Shapes and What Personality Traits it Reflects

Jean Haner, the famous face reader and psychologist who wrote a book namely “The wisdom of your face” once quoted her thought about the psychology behind every shape of lips. According to Jean Haner, Different Types of Lips Shapes suggests how you are in a relationship and how giving you actually are. Every individual is born with different facial features and body language explaining a lot about your persona. And trust me; sciences has proven how deeply these virtues that stay with you right from the birth are responsible in representing what you are.

Different Types of Lips Shapes

Goldilocks! – Just Right

Not thin, not bulky looking – Just perfectly shaped lips are the goldilocks lips! The Cupid’s bow isn’t high on edges but doesn’t even dearth the borderline details. Psychological studies suggest you are blessed with the goldilocks lips you have a balanced relationship and you are nor excessively awe-inspiring neither you unexciting. I am not saying that you are insecure, though, you desire a bit for attention and for a special link in a relationship.

Thin Upper and Lower Lip

Both, the upper lip and lower lip are thin and light making face looking small. The lips have such a shape that it doesn’t even have the well-defined Cupid’s bow. At times, when they are lonely they really don’t have any problem with that and easily fit into themselves. They are not much into the relationship as well. Though, it doesn’t emphasize that they are bad at handling the bonds.

Fuller Upper & Lower Lip

Fuller Upper and Lower lip don’t need any lip liner to get the shape corrected since they naturally have perfect ones. The perfect Cupid line and the tear drop point with defined chin giving a face a perfect frame for makeup. Hey there, I know you are caring but sometimes people misjudge you into someone you are not. Your humbleness lets others come up and speak their fears and insecurities freely with you. And you find it joyful to help the needy ones. You know how important relations and bonding are and that is what the best thing about you.

Fuller Upper Lip

The Drama Queen of the relationships! The ones will fuller upper lips are likely to be the drama major when it comes to relationship. Let me tell you one important fact about how personality changes when you are likely to change your physical features. Your features depict how you are actually meant to be like and when you change any of your characteristic aspects, you change your traits effecting all the way to the path your life has to follow.

Fuller Lower Lip

Normal upper lip but the fuller lower lip that apparently makes the lower lip center of attraction also makes the upper lip go recessive. Baby doll lips, I call it, since the ones with such type of lips always want to feel pampered. You, however, love to enjoy life and be the indulgence seeker.

Peaked Cupid Bow Lips

Congrats Rihanna Girl! Rihanna has such a seducing lip shape with the cupid bow in the limelight with naturally especially carved cupid line that emphasizes the complete appearance into a gorgeous one. Quick minded and great responder and communicator! When it comes to taking things on your own, you do it all just with the talking. Being fast responder your mind doesn’t let you think before speaking even bad things openly, though, it keeps your soul clean!

Round Cupid Bow Lips

The most compassionate of all with the cupid bow already rounded making lips look bulged outwards. They are not fast forward in relationship whereas know to stay back connected even after facing problems. They love to take time and solve every problem and think it is better to stay than to leave. You would look great in bold lip colors that add up a touch of glamour to your glamorous lips. Makeup has to be bewitching after all.

Vague Cupid Bow Lips

The lips that almost merge with the face and it is just the difference in complexion that makes the lips appear differently. You seriously need good concealing done with highlighting the cupid bow and tear drop line. Also lip liner would be must to be added to your makeup kit while you start to get ready. These people, mostly, lack emotions and they don’t even care of themselves. They are givers and love to take responsibilities.

Wide Lips

Mostly Afro-American ladies have such featured set of lips with wider and broader characteristics. Kind-hearted and always ready to help kind of people are they! Be friends with such people with wide lips.

No Upper Lip – Serious Though! 😉

Yeah, there are people with negligible upper lips though the lower lip is normal. Take George Clooney for inspiration! Such a lip shape in men is mostly common and though, won’t affect their looks beard is there to make their manliness be on the top. These are the people with focused minds and consider work more important even over all the relationships. Oops! All secrets spilled!

You have got eyes and that too varies person to person. Your story about personality is not ended here, read about the types of eyes and what it says about your individuality to know more about yourself.