25 Things to DO Alone in Life

Everyone gets one life to live and enjoy. We all always find ourselves in a confusing state when we need to decide that with whom we should share our sorrows, happiness and personal secrets. Moreover, when we start expecting things from other, things start getting messed up. So in our life the first thing we should always do is to make a promise to ourselves that we will do things alone in our life. It is true that living life alone is a difficult task after all a human is a social animal and socializing is our basic human need. But, loving someone and getting ditched is much more difficult to manage when compared to living alone.

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Living alone and loving someone are completely two different tasks. When you will get in touch with any person, a relationship is sure to develop. Every relationship has feelings and a bond, whether it’s a bond of love, lust, money, work or needs. Every relationship has a purpose and in utmost cases, you require someone else’s help.

Things to DO Alone in Life

But underneath are some of the things to do alone in life. Everyone must try doing some of these tasks at least once in their life.

Run the race of your life

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This is the utmost important and universal truth. But some of us only understand these words, and those who depth of this. They are not normal human beings. With accepting this fact, they are masters.

Talk with your soul

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It’s you and only you. Know where you are and where you want to be. So whenever you get time talk to your soul, start rectifying and enhancing yourself.

Go for a movie25 Things to DO Alone in Life0021

It sounds weird. But going alone for a movie is which you will love. Once you went out for a movie alone. You will love going out alone for almost every movie.

A long walk or drive

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Till the time you know the benefits of staying alone you won’t agree with this point but go for a walk or drive alone. A walk at seaside in the evening is marvelous. Don’t miss it.

Personal diary

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Few things are missed out when left unsaid and unshared. So, write everything in your personal diary and never share your personal diary with your partner or spouse or anybody else.

Go to Museum

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Going such places with friends is like not exploring historical places. So, we will advise you to go alone.

Book store or Library

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Best decision for going library is planning to go alone. Grab a novel of your favorite author and get lost in your world and enjoy.

Challenge yourself

Maj. Paul Neidhardt starts a fire using a block of flint during combat search and rescue training Sept. 21 near Osan Air Base, South Korea. Annual training is conducted by survival, evasion, resistance and escape instructors to reacquaint aircrew members with combat search and rescue procedures and techniques. Major Neidhardt is with the 25th Fighter Squadron at Osan AB. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Chad Strohmeyer)

Make your goals and challenge yourself. Punish yourself if not fulfilled otherwise tap your back for being man of words.

Write Autobiography

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Write a book on yourself. Every book written is not printed. So, write a book on your life.

Go shopping

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Taking away someone with you on shopping is really a hard task. Go alone and quickly make wise and selective decision.

Learn new skill

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Keep enhancing your mind and talent. This will enhance your resume and best part is that your mind will love grabbing new task.

Gaze at star

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In moonlight, reach the terrace and lay down on roof. Keep your mobile silent, and gaze at stars. You will love doing this on your weekends.

Cook for yourself

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.

Cooking for someone special is common but cooking for self is really a great fun. First cook for yourself, afterwards you can cook for your special one as well.

Go for interview

handshake while job interviewing

Always go for interviews alone. You will get sufficient time to prepare yourself.

Spend some time with Nature

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Go to some park or once in a month go to hill stations. Evening time sit on river bank and spend some time.

Complete your projects

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Never ask for assistance from others while completing your project. You will hit your chances to learn new things.

Long hour bath

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Taking bath is our regular task, but a bath for hours alone is best thing. Sit in bath and think about your good and bad phases. Crying and laughing in bath tub is amazing.


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Add some of your funny faces in your collection of memories. Feel free to click while making faces when you are alone and add memorable stuff in your collection.

Watch people

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These days life is so hectic. We even don’t realise how years are passing away. We simply get up in the morning and run for the office. Stop for a while, think and see everyone around you.

Visit holy places

Tamir Mizrachi, who is sitting with his back to the camera, visits Jerusalem's Temple Mount / Noble Sanctuary, a place holy to Jews and Muslims. Israel allows Jews like Mizrachi to visit, but they are not allowed to pray at the hilltop site. Jews pray below at the nearby Western Wall.

When you will visit holy places alone, you will get plenty of time for yourself. This way you will be able to spend time with God and super powers in silence.

Fulfill your own dreams

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Many of us live two lives; we cannot share our hobbies or our favorite free time hobbies. It might be because of our reserved nature or our personal mindset that we don’t feel comfortable sharing our free time hobby with others.

Sing or Dance

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Almost every person like listening songs and want to tap their feet on their favorite song. However, every one among us is not a good dancer or singer. Few of us, feel comfortable singing or dancing in public. So don’t control your feelings and feel free to dance and sing when you are alone.

Buy yourself a gift

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Ask what you need, start saving money and purchase it. Get it wrapped and give it to yourself. It’s funny but it’s a memorable thing.

Go for Swimming

25 Things to DO Alone in Life0221

Although, it is true that every one of us can’t swim, but if you are a good swimmer, then go for it alone. You will enjoy it to the most as you will cross long waters in just no time and it will be a great achievement.

Lock yourself in a room


Sitting alone in a room helps you in accumulating your energies. Lock the door and don’t allow anybody to enter. Increase your concentration power and feel refreshed.

These were the things to do alone in life. There are still many more which you and your soul will only experience. These things will enhance your mind state and will change your view point towards life.