7 Exercises to try at Home for Sexy Bubble Butts

The hot pants that you wear can’t make you look hot, no matter how high waist it is and how smart the fit is. All efforts to look sexy are in vain just because you didn’t know perfect workout plan for the bubbly booties. It’s never too late if you still realized that you seriously need to give yourself some time doing exercises and mark my words; you will never feel more exotic than by flaunting the Brazilian butts. These Exercises to try at Home for Sexy Bubble Butts and the world will go crazy as you get dressed in high waist skinny along with a stylish crop top!


Accentuating the back side with the compound functional glutei movements and power drills is what I aim at. Starting up with an ultimate power producing warm up exercise is necessary. And not one, not two; but three sets of each exercise with 15-20 repetitions in each set. Though, just doing the exercises is not enough; you must be in conjunction with the absolute diet and jogging and cycling cardio stuff for super sexy booties.

Exercises to try at Home for Sexy Bubble Butts

    1. Goblet Squats


Grab some defined dumbbell and hold it linear to your collarbone. Standing position must be such that your feet are hip width apart and bend back as if you are sitting in the chair. Your portion above knee only must bend while the one below it should make 90 degrees with the feet.

    1. Deadlift!


Stand straight and hold dumbbell at the thigh line. Slightly bending the knees and flexing the hip forwards feeling the stretch in the hamstrings is what the Deadlift is. Getting back to the normal standing positions after holding the stretched position for about 7 seconds!

    1. Sumo Squat


Stand like a man; with legs at a wide stance with the toes pointing outwards. Now, bend the knees such that the thighs and calf make 90 degree angle. Make sure that your chest is not bent forwardly holding the position for approx 7 seconds before getting back to normalcy.

    1. Barbell Hip Thrust


You won’t need anything but your low rise bed or table and a barbell weight. Your back must be on the table or the bed putting the barbell weight on the pelvis. Squeezing the hips and pushing the waist up as to form a straight thereby holding the position to 5 second will give the stretch at the butts making it bubbly and sexy.

    1. Side Lunges with Dumbbells


Aiming at the hamstring muscles and the butts as well; it is yet another best type of Exercises to try at Home for Sexy Bubble Butts. Stand with the legs butt width apart as the normal position. Take a large step to either side of your body and squat down until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Wait for 5 seconds at least and feel the stretch at the back and butts thereby returning back to the normal position.

    1. Reverse Lunges


Stand straight with the barbell dumbbell balanced right on your shoulders. Breathe completely and make sure your back is absolutely straight with the shoulders held back. Take left foot forward and do squat until your knee of the right leg is slightly above the floor. Repeat the same with right leg pulled forward 15 times each and perform at least 2 such sets. A time lapse of around 1 minute is enough between each set.

    1. Dumbbell Step Ups


Grab two dumbbells, one in each hand and you can perform this exercise on the stairs of your house as well. Place your right foot on the top of one step and then contract the butts will stretch them giving a fine shape. Don’t lean forwards and try to keep back as straight as possible. Balancing the body is the key. Switch legs and perform 2 sets of 15 each.

These 7 Exercises to try at Home for Sexy Bubble Butts and you will love yourself in the new coming look. Just keep the act up for sexier results sooner for it is better than delaying to wear those sexy butt shredded hot pants outfits.