40 Beard Styles for Teenagers to Look Sharp and Sexy

Title says, beard styles for teenagers to look sharp and sexy but the truth is, once you grow beard you’ll become a man; beards are manly! Honestly speaking, this is not the time when you love being called and known as ‘chocolate boy’! Now, manhood needs to be expressed and that’s how beards only make man, manly! Beard, to beardo is the symbol of his strength, positivity and maturity. Either it’s a party outside or any event, or even if you’re going to join a club on vacation. You can have a totally different styles of beard and so your face and overall personality. Dude, if your bead styling is holding you back then stay there and craft yourself a  dashing new look.

So, it’s about looking SEXY! Indeed, you got a heavy wardrobe with plenty of brands, moreover, if got impressive chisel body and abs yet this can’t make you look like a MAN! Dude! Your outfits, hairstyles and abs are fine but time has changed, without these Beard Styles for Teenagers you’d be categorized as a kid.

Beard Styles For Teenagers

5 days Stubble beard

Guys, since you’re in your teen years, it’s not that natural to get a fully grown dense beard for all of you! But, your facial hair worth a development of 4-5 days and make sure to shave before and wait for 4-5 days, and then you’ll see small but regular stubble facial hairstyling on your face.

Mid-length yet simple is far better

Just let it grow naturally, no need to give it a shape or design! Since, you’re growing up and leading to become a full man, your skin and facial hair will grow naturally, this might look unprofessional but it’s also a highly popular beard styling among youth.

Korean beards for smooth cheeks

You know Chinese and Korean guys have totally different facial hair styling! That’s true! They do have different skin type and hormones as well, yet you feel the same or if your skin type is that which you find not easy to grow a beard, then you can and you should gain yourself this Korean or Chinese beard style.

Beard for bald guys

Seriously, if you’re a bald man with a goatee or full grown beard then it’s sure shot that girls are going to fall for you and guys might jealous of you. The days has gone when bald guys had to hide their faces and felt shy, time has taken a reverse gear and now, being bald is deadly sexy, especially if the man is a beardo! Moreover, in addition to make your face look heavy, you can grow full neck beard and wear ear-rings!

Anchor beard to look sexy!

The thing is- you might think of growing a beard needs weekly or daily razor or trimming but that’s not the truth! It’s all about genes and hormones and your health and diet! There are some specific areas where hair grow fast i.e. below nose (mustache) and on chin, therefore, teen guys can easily maintain a anchor beard style and it can be grown in few days!

Full Neck beard (neckline beard)!

NO! Dude, that’s not weird! It’s just that you’re giving it time to grow naturally. In order to look manly and mature, a rough beard on your face along with covering neck is considerably sexy and symbolizes you as new stud among society and your pals.

European beard styling for teens!

Ahan! European beards are tremendously popular among youngsters and adults as well. This style lets you grow hair on cheeks and chin along with a sharp mustache so you look completely dude and stud! European facial hairstyling can assure you a mature and impressive face and it can enhance your overall look with matching attire.
Some takeaways for teens about beard styling –

Since you’re not a fully grown guy so you can’t have that dense beard and you can’t have the every beard style on your face! It’s not possible to some extent! But, still there are some hacks and designs and you can bring yourself a classy and stylish beard if you accept the fact and follow the instructions given below!
* Don’t think about shaving daily as it’s not going to grow your facial hair faster! Just maintain a healthy diet and learn how to maintain those small hairs and keep up with that natural design.
* Facial hair grow on some areas, like chin, neckline and then on cheeks, but if you don’t dare to shave neckline beard and let it grow.
* Wash your face with warm water as it will clean the pores of skin and clean it.

Now, you know that it’s not about growing facial hair as that will happen itself; all you have to do is just to know how you can maintain facial hair and how you can style them on your face. Drop us a comment and let us know your feedback about beard styles for teenagers to look sharp and sexy!  Stay sexy!