What Are The Ways Of Protecting Crawl Space Against Water Damage?

Crawl spaces are crucial to protect only when you ignore them. The preventive measures are taken at the proper time to stop the excessive damage caused by water. Yes, water is the main culprit of all. It tends to make its way no matter how strong the hurdle it is facing. It can damage iron, concrete, copper, aluminum, and other things that are part and parcel of protective materials of the crawl space. Here is the discussion about ways of protecting against water.

Complete Grasp Of Crawl Space Internal System

You must know every inch and corner of the crawl space to pinpoint the emerging causes of water leakage. Thoroughly understanding the nature of every pipe leads to better handling the issue of water-damaged portions.

Sealing The Cracks

The foremost action of water appears on the walls in the form of cracks. These are indicating signs of water leakage in the crawl space. Cracks need repair at once by sealing them with a coat of emulsified paint.

Adding a Sump Pump

This is a technique that is used to remove thousands of gallons of water underneath the floors. A sump pump is designed to keep all the water away from underneath the foundations. Its working efficiency includes the flushing of water away from the foundations, thus saving the crawl space.

Adding a Dehumidifier

The humid air containing moisture in it needs to be removed through a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is the only technique that can stop the mold or mildew growth in crawl spaces that are the main reason for several contagious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. In this procedure, the dehumidifier stops water from damaging the crawl space.

Adding a French Drain

Almost every crawl space has its French drain. This drain includes a trench that is made up of pipes and gravel. The function of this trench is to prevent any water from pooling and accumulating down. This results in the protection of the crawl space from water damage.

Adding a Vapor Barrier

If your crawl space floors are exposed to dirt and facing the earth directly, they allow the moisture to seep through and cannot control them. This moisture entering the crawl space increases troubles many folds. The solution to this seeped moisture is the addition of a vapor barrier. The experts will take the size and spread Polyurethane sheets to the whole crawl space, including walls, and then tape it. The encapsulation will decrease the moisture level to 50%.

Covering Vents

Crawl space that is open from vents proves dangerous against water’s harmful attacks. It is open to moisture, pests, insects, and other harmful microorganisms. So to prevent water from coming through vents, cover them adequately to avoid any harmful damage to crawl space and foundations beneath.

Installation Of Ventilation Fans

Even a vented crawl space can’t work enough to stop moisture. There is a need to install ventilation fans less energy-consuming and more effective to dry the vented crawl space. You can hire experts for structural wall repair services in Greenville.