Motorcycle Jewelry Explained. Is it Worth It?

Bikers are associated with motorcycles and motorcycles are associated with bikers. This is a symbiosis stronger than steel. No wonder riders take care of their bikes as they would take care of themselves if not better. When it comes to jewelry (you can’t deny bikers love it), motorcycle theme stands out. This is our short and sweet insight into motorcycle jewelry and the meaning it carries.

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What is Motorcycle Jewelry?

There is no common opinion on such a thing as motorcycle jewelry. One people believe that motorcycle and biker jewelry is the same. Those include every item that a rider would wear as a body ornament. Others insist that motorcycle jewelry must necessarily feature motorcycle symbolism – the silhouettes of these mean machines, their parts (such as wheels, chains, tire tread tracks, engines, etc.), or symbolism of famous motorcycle brands.

In any case, biker and motorcycle jewelry items have a lot in common. Both are made of white metals (silver, steel, or white gold), much loved within the rider community, as well as feature enlarged shapes and sizes.

Motorcycle Jewelry Motifs

There are two major themes widespread in this type of jewelry:

  1. Motorcycle brands. Hands down, the most respectful motorcycle brand is Haley Davidson. If you are lucky to ride a Harley two-wheeler, why not get a pendant or ring featuring the world-famous logo? Harley Davidson has its own jewelry line for men and women, which they created in collaboration with a well-known jewelry brand. Along with that, there are many smaller jewelers offering ornaments featuring the recognizable logo but their products might be not exactly legal since it is forbidden to utilize the HD trademark without their permission. Besides Harley Davidson jewelry, you won’t find it hard to get a ring or pendant featuring other motorcycle brands including Indian, Yamaha, Honda, etc.
  2. Motorcycles. Motorcycles are the running theme in men’s pendants. A powerful motorcycle carrying a fearless rider away – what can be better to express your need for speed and you love for motorbikes? Motorcycles can be caught in various scenarios – with a rider and without, enveloped in flames, featuring wings, and so on. Inspirational phrases and mottos are also welcome. When it comes to rings, motorcycles don’t really fit, so jewelers feature motorcycle parts instead. The iconic V-Twin engine is among the most popular themes. Its main competitors are wheels, chains, pistons, or something closely related to bikes such as wrenches, gears, helmets, etc.

In addition to these motifs, motorcycle rings, pendants, and bracelets may feature carved or molded bike model names, famous motorcycle shop brands, or simple words such as Motorcycle, Bike, Chopper, etc.

By and large, biker jewelry items feature the same topics although the range of motifs and symbols it carries is much wider. The most popular symbol is, hands down, a skull. It can be present in motorcycle jewelry, for instance, as a ghost rider atop a fierce bike. Among other commonplace biker motifs are crosses, especially the Iron Cross, eagles, Indians, animals, flames, and many others. They can be incorporated in motorcycle jewelry as well together with themes we listed above.