How to Convince Your Aging Parents to Use Medical Alert Systems?

Growing old is no fun ordeal. As the body starts getting weaker and weaker, the elderly often find themselves in uncomfortable situations when they require help and assistance from other people. They may be ashamed of their predicament and condition, as well as of the fact that they need to rely on others to help them with basic daily ordeals.

This feeling of pride and unwillingness to seek out assistance is not uncommon amongst aging individuals. Most people claim that they “don’t want to be a nuisance to others” and “do not want to drag people away from living their lives.” Naturally, not all elderly think of it this way, but these sentiments seem to prevail in most cases.

If you’re a child of aging parents, and you find yourself having to make more and more free time to look after them, then you certainly know how exhausting these conversations may be. After all, they’re your parents who have spent ungodly amounts of time and money raising you. In your view, aiding them in their autumn years is the least you can do!


An excellent alternative to constantly keeping tabs on your aging parents is installing a medical alert system in their house. These are electronic systems that can ring for an emergency medical personnel, or simply send a signal to you. There are plenty of such systems available for any budget – you can find out which one would suit you best by consulting review sites, such as

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

These devices can give some independence back to your parents while reassuring you that they are taken care of, even when you can’t be around. They’re simple enough for the elderly to figure out how to use on their own, as well as even more effective in terms of dispatching medical personnel than a 911 call.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles you might have to face when trying to install a medical alert system in your parents’ house is your parents themselves! They might consider it unnecessary, a waste of money, or simply a device that infringes upon their independence. Keep reading to see how the elderly protest against this solution, and how you can respond.

#1: “I Don’t Need It – I’m Still of Sound Mind!”

Many aging people feel like implementing any sort of solution designed to make providing care for them easier is a statement on the part of their children (or other caregivers) that they think they’re “losing it” and can’t take care of themselves. A natural instinct drives them to oppose any suggestion of making adjustments to their living spaces that enable easier elderly care.

This statement is probably the hardest to argue against – no one wants to tell their parents that they are not as fit as they used to be, and even seemingly trivial things like slipping and falling over may result in serious injury.

The best response to the “I’m not completely senile yet!” argument is calmly explaining to your parents that it’s only a safety precaution that they probably won’t even have to use at all. It should calm their nerves and shine a light on the reasoning behind your decision to install a medical alert system.

#2: “Why Don’t You Just Put Me in a Care Home Already?”

Some parents get the wrong idea that putting an alert system in place serves the purpose of enabling their children to visit less frequently or even forget about their aging mom and dad altogether.

Obviously, this is not the case in most scenarios. A medical alert system simply eases the stress that comes with having elderly parents who are at home all by themselves. It reassures you that they are safe when you can’t be around.

If your parents start getting defensive and come up with such accusations, it’s best to explain to them that you’re actually trying to install the alert system because you don’t want to send them to an elderly care facility and would rather keep them at home for as long as it is possible. You can cautiously tell them that, as they start needing more and more care and attention, this system is the best way of keeping them safe and healthy in a comfortable environment.

#3: “Don’t Spend All That Dough on Me!”

The good old rational argument. If your parents say that to you in response to installing a medical alert system at their place, you can’t really disagree with them, as it really is not a cheap endeavor. They come with monthly costs and the initial price of setting everything up.

The surefire way to get over the money hurdle is to gently remind them how much dough they’ve put into bringing you up – simply have them treat it as a way of returning the favor. Be sure to stress upon the fact that it is not nearly enough to repay them for all that they’ve done across the years to shape you into the person you are today!

The Bottom Line

The process of aging is a sad and difficult one to deal with. This is why you should take all of the possible steps to ensure that you can spend as much quality time with your aging relatives as possible without worrying too much about their safety when you’re not around. After all, it is all out of love, and no matter how hard they try, they can’t be mad at you about that.