7 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

A phrase doesn’t have to be an aphorism of Aristotle to require some life experience to be understood.

Don’t eat in my car. Are you seriously planning to get into my car with these filthy shoes? Why are you touching the window with your fingers? – We start to understand the true meaning of these sentences only on the day when we buy our first vehicle.

Indeed, keeping a car clean is not the easiest task, especially in a world where the passengers stubbornly refuse to understand it. This article has been written by people who understand your pain. So, if you want to find the best tips on keeping a car clean, stay tuned.

Trash Can

No matter how hard you try, people will always leave trash in your car. If you don’t want to gather candy wraps, plastic cups, or other treasures all over your vehicle, prepare a can for them. Your passengers will know where to ditch trash, and you will feel calmer while driving. It will also save you a lot of time cleaning and make your car look much tidier.

Air Freshener

Hand in hand with the clean look of your car is the smell. Unpleasant odors always make a vehicle seem filthy, even if it shines cleanly. Choose neutral and not too strong smells for air fresheners.

Some people are sensitive when it comes to odors, if a car has a sweet and obtrusive scent, some passengers can start feeling dizzy. A vomiting passenger is not something that is going to help with the cleanliness of your car!

Wet Wipes

Another tip for those who want to maintain keeping their car clean is to always have wet wipes in the vehicle. Dust, spilled coffee, melted chocolate, dirty shoes– wet wipes can clean everything before it’s too late. Very often, it’s important to clean the surface before it gets dry; otherwise, you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time and money to get rid of stains.

Leather Cleaning

Leather seats look very luxurious in the car. They make a vehicle look more expensive and classy. But if not maintained properly, leather seats will soon look messy and old.

As well as the skin of our face, the leather inside of a car requires a lot of nourishment. It’s always worth one’s while to find the best leather conditioner in order to maintain the shiny, luxurious look of leather seats.

Those who travel with pets should remember that they can damage the leather. In this case, the seats should be covered with a blanket or a towel, so the animal does not scratch, bite, or rub the expensive material.

Change Organiser

Strangely enough, in the majority of cars that look messy, you can find coins all over the vehicle. Indeed, they are tiny, and it’s very easy to lose them. Drivers use change a lot: toll roads, gas stations, grocery shops, drive-through, et cetera.

Very often, after receiving coins, one puts them wherever, forgetting about their existence. In order to avoid this, get a jar or another organizer for keeping your coins in one place. It will prevent you from finding the change all over the car.

Clean The Mess Up Straight After It Happens

This rule applies not only to cars. It would be best if you did it everywhere. Cleaning up right after you’ve made a mess will help you maintain an organized car. Many of us like to postpone things. Therefore, if we spill coke on the floor of a car, we are very likely to clean it days after it first occurred.

The longer you wait to clean up a spill, the harder it will be to clean up later. Save your car from permanent stains by making a habit of cleaning things straight after they get dirty.

Establish Car Rules

Remember that in your car there must be your rules. Establish them and let your passengers know about what is allowed and what is not in your vehicle. If you don’t want people to eat in your car- tell them. If you want them to take the trash after themselves- let them know. If those who smoke in the car annoy you- don’t let this happen in your vehicle.

Those who travel with you should respect your rules and get used to them. Communication is always the key in most spheres of human life. Traveling by car is also the case.

In Conclusion

There is nothing wrong with being pedantic when it comes to your car. The vehicle is not the cheapest thing, and you deserve it to be kept clean if you want so. Make other people understand you and respect your wishes. Also, follow these simple tips to maintain your car tidy and organized. Spending time in a clean vehicle will influence your well-being and boost your mood.

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