Things Girls Like to Hear from Men to Feel Special

When you want to attract the attention of a particular girl, you should start with compliments. Correctly chosen compliments will spin the head even of the most unapproachable beauty and will lead you to at least a bed. What do girls want to hear from men? Girls want to hear sincere and beautiful compliments about themselves beloved. Girls love not only to incessantly talk but also listen to nice things from men. These phrases will increase your chances of success in a relationship with a girl (see more here). A girl must believe that the words come from the very soul, and not from the desire to have sex as soon as possible.

Things Girls Like to Hear from Men to Feel Special

You are very smart

You’ll never make a mistake by saying this compliment. Even the most stupid girls want to appreciate their level of intelligence. Admire her mind, an interesting idea or wit.

You are special

Each girl not only dreams of being unique but also considers herself to be that way. Tell her that a girl is special and unique. You’ve never met such an extraordinary girl even if a girl is an ordinary gray mouse. Such a compliment will melt even the coldest female heart. A girl will be glad that she finally met a man who appreciated her.

You are very ambitious

Girls also want to achieve success and goals. Mark her ambitiousness, perseverance, professional qualities, and ability to achieve what she wants. Modern and business girls will appreciate this compliment very much.

You’re beautiful

Mark her female physical attractiveness. But it should be done constantly. Every day when you meet her, say a unique compliment. Mark the beauty of her eyes, smile, dimple on the cheeks, juicy lips, legs, grace, and fragility. Women’s selection of clothes, new hairstyle, and makeup should be praised as well. You don’t know how long your girlfriend spent in front of a mirror to please you. She will be hurt if you don’t notice. But if you notice her beauty, she will return gratitude in a very pleasant way for you.

You’re very kind

Admire the inner world of a girl. On beautiful girls, this acts better than the compliment of her appearance. You can mark her kindness, tenderness, confidence, wit, care, unpredictability, sincerity, politeness, economy, naturalness, openness, patience, and charisma.

But Here Are Some Mistakes That Men Do:

Some girls refuse to accept compliments. Maybe they are just shy or have boyfriends. So, don’t take it personally and just say that she is still very beautiful. However, maybe you will have to reconsider your flirting with her because a girl can always accept compliments that way.

A man waits for a compliment in return

Try to find a common language with a girl before you compliment her. Establish mutual understanding. Some girls react only according to their mood. They can perceive your gesture as something sincere and good and they may think that you are kidding.

A man comments on the vulnerability of a girl

You can’t tell a girl “You’re so trusting!” Most of them can’t stand such compliments.

A man makes compliments to her appearance and taste

Never say something bad about some parts of the body. This can be a significant mistake and will be perceived as a superficial judgment.

A man says too many compliments

A lot of compliments will make the situation awkward. Too many compliments can also make her think that you are saying them with sarcasm.

A man interrupts a girl while she is saying a compliment

You have to understand that it is awful to interrupt a girl when she is open to you.

A man adds “today”

Don’t say you look nice TODAY. Many girls have complexes, so they can hear this: “Hey, you look not so bad today as always”.


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