The Core Tenets of a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat big. Train big. Sleep big is the mantra recited by bodybuilders every single day. It works for them, but much more is required for every one of us to truly live and enjoy a meaningful, rewarding, and healthy lifestyle. It’s about work-life balance, tinkering the multi-faceted components of our lives to perfection, allowing us to derive maximum benefit from every waking moment.

Our bodies and our minds are inextricably intertwined with one another, and the universe that envelops us. If consciousness is shaped by our reality – associations, interactions, interpretations, et al, then it is incumbent upon us to carefully select the right milieu to grow into the best possible version of ourselves. We are not slaves to fate; we are masters of our own destiny, if we so desire. This is the spiritual realm to which the best versions of ourselves aspire.

Make Your Play Your Way 

Do what you love and love what you do – that is arguably the most influential slice of advice one person can impart on another. Easier said than done mind you. Bodies in motion stay in motion, and bodies at rest stay at rest. Sport is the ultimate tincture to life’s maladies. It is a supreme form of pristine competition where competitors give 100% in pursuit of a noble victory.

There is no malice, no ill will, and no destruction – it is a pristine contest whereby gentlemen and ladies compete for glory. Whether on the field of play, in the heat of the proverbial battle, or on the sidelines egging your team to victory, sport is unabashedly a quartet of a healthy lifestyle. Some of us actively participate in pulse-pounding sport events, while others choose equally exciting avenues to explore the wide world of sports. 888sport live betting is one such platform that facilitates our innate yearning to be where the action is, ramping up the excitement to fever pitch levels.

Let Your Moral Compass Guide You 

There are many corporeal elements of day-to-day life that are equally pertinent to our wellbeing. We are quite possibly the most beautifully constructed of all the intelligent beings, with free will to chart a course for good or bad. Our CPU is governed by our moral compass, and directions are a direct derivation of our thoughts. If we will it, so it will be. But with such great power comes tremendous responsibility for making the right lifestyle choices.

On the most basic of levels, we have absolute control over what we consume for nutrition, sustenance, and enjoyment purposes. Horrid vices such as gluttony are easily avoided by focusing on that which does good for our sacred temple, our bodies. Carefully mapped out portions comprise a healthy eating regimen – it is from this source that our bodies are able to perform according to expectations. Eat to live, but don’t live to eat.


If nothing else, remember the age-old words of our sages: It’s all about doing what you love, and making healthy choices for your mind, body, and soul.