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50 Unique Minimal Tattoo Designs

50 Unique Minimal Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are getting very famous day by day. However, in earlier days people used to ink their name or god’s name on their hand. Now-a-days, we can easily see every second person engraved ink on their body. In western countries, after Lindbergh baby kidnapping all the responsible parents tattooed their children with unique identity or

50 Traditional Marquesan tattoos for Men and Women

Marquesan Tattoos have originated from Marquesas Island which is situated in the south pacific. These tattoos can be easily recognised by few Trademark symbols such as Centipedes, geckos and Ti‘i’s, the Marquesan geometric and other cross designs. According to Marquesas culture, Boys got engraved their first tattoos in their earlier year of teens as per

55 Cute Little Finger Tattoo Ideas to Try This Year

In ancient times, tattoos were used to engrave religious symbols. People even used to engrave their name and their lovers’ name. Engraving a tattoo on your body was done by selected persons. But with time, technology, globalization and advanced upcoming generations things are changing very rapidly. Now getting a tattoo on your body parts is