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50 Most Romantic Wedding photos of this Year

50 Most Romantic Wedding photos of this Year

Wedding is one of most memorable day in everyone’s life as after this day both boy and girl lose their bachelor ship and enter a new and different phase of their life. They start taking decisions and manage everything as one. They plan their family and take-up their responsibilities. The female sacrifices and male partner

50 Adorable Mother Daughter Pictures

A mother-daughter relationship is unique in many ways. Though, both the parents play a significant role in a child’s life and even girls are popularly tagged as their Father’s Daughters but still, the bond between a mother and a daughter remains special. Daughters are a pure replica of their mothers many times. The way mothers

50 Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Marriage is the most pure and holy bond, not only between a man and a woman but also their families. A galaxy of memories gets collected to cherish them throughout the life. Apart from love, memories and fun; there’s something which is of utmost importance and cannot be neglected. The decoration is something which adds