Five Raw And Unconventional Truck Trailer Designs

When you manage a logistics business, you may need to purchase special trailers that are designed to help you manage your business. There are several different trailers that you can purchase, and there are five styles below that you can use. Continue reading to learn about five trailer styles that will help you make your business more productive and efficient.

1. Walking Floor Trailers

When you search for truck trailers for sale, you might start with walking floor trailers that have an internal conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will help you move items on and off the trailer. Your driver and their assistants and move all your items where they need to go, and you can easily turn the conveyor belt on and off from a unit on the side of the trailer. This is the best way to move cargo when it is very heavy or bulky.

2. Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are designed to help cool or freeze everything that you tow. This is an important part of managing your business because you must promise your customers that you can keep everything you have picked up at the right temperature. A company that has a refrigerated trailer should choose the style that is the right size for its needs. You can get a small trailer that will freeze everything inside, or you might choose a massive trailer that can cool large shipments for hundreds of miles.

3. Low-Boy Trailers

Low-boy trailers offer you quite a lot of clearance because the base of the trailer sits so low to the ground. You can carry tall or bulky items on these trailers without running into bridges. This is a good choice when you haul machinery and oversized items for your clients. Plus, the low-boy trailers often have a flip axle that allows you to haul heavy loads.

4. Tipper-Style Trailers

Tipper-style trailers could be dump trucks or flatbeds. You may choose a tipper-style trailer that is a flatbed used for vehicles, or you can use a dump truck that will help you haul commodities. There are tipper trailers that will help you haul tons of gravel or sand. You could use a flatbed as a tow trailer, or you could use a flatbed that helps you haul storage boxes.

There are even special flatbeds that come with a forklift that helps you carry everything on the trailer. The forklift can be removed from the trailer, and it can be used to load up the trailer. This is a good option for storage boxes when you are moving your clients, and it is easy for you to remove these boxes when they arrive at your storage facility.

5. Closed Ramp Trailers

Closed ramp trailers are a style of dry van trailer that you can use when you are hauling vehicles. Classic cars, new cars, and exotic cars can be hauled inside these trailers to prevent the damage. Plus, you can use these trailers if you are hauling large farm equipment, motorcycles, or even small boats. Make sure that the trailer has a lock that attaches to the latch, a ramp that is easy to move, and a space that is wide enough for the largest production vehicles.


The truck trailer designs that you see above will help you manage your company, save time while hauling loads, and protect each load. You can purchase these trailers for much less money if you find a used unit, and you can use these trailers every day to help your clients. Plus, you can buy a new trailer that will help you expand your business to refrigerated items, car hauling, or even storage/moving.