Eric Lefkfosky’s Company Gets Millions In Funding

Funding is crucial in today’s hugely competitive capital markets. Companies that are to do well are companies that are able to capture and keep the funds they need to grow. Such is the case with a venture from Eric Lefkofsky. He is someone who knows the importance of providing value for shareholders and yet also offer something for patients. In his work, he’s also shown tremendous caring. His work has helped provide the kind of treatment that many people today need in order to overcome health problems. As a result of his work in this field, Tempus has attracted a great deal of attention and admiration. Investors and those in need of treatment for this disease look to him and his company for help in pushing the boundaries of cancer care ever further.

Eric Lefkfosky’s Company Gets Millions In Funding

A True Vision

In 2015, Lefkofsky founded Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is a lawyer and an entrepreneur who understands the value of creating a business while also providing a great product that works. When he started the company about three years ago, he was aware of the need to make sure that he had the funds to get the vision he had in mind in place. Since that time, he and his team of experts have seen a great deal of continued growth. They have watched as the company has expanded into new services that are specifically designed for the needs of cancer patients. His aim, and the aim of this staffers, has been to continue to expand the company yet further as he looks to the future.

New Funding

Part of Tempus’s ability to meet the challenges of the modern world has been their ability to attract much needed funding. Given this ability, those who watch the company and world of financing were not surprised to learn that a new round of funding has yielded yet more impressive results. The new funding for Tempus is about eighty million. This brings the total valuation of the entire company to over a billion dollars. As a result, it also marks the company as one of the most highly funded of all new start-ups in the entire country. The new funding is yet more evidence that the market has full confidence in the company’s staffers and their abilities to provide for the needs of cancer patients. In the process, the company has built important relationships with many individuals and other highly respected organizations. Such relationships are those that span all facets of the entire health care system. The aim is to help muster the knowledge of many varied professionals who understand how to treat patients. They help utilize such skilled resources in the most effective way possible.

Many Investors

Several companies have chosen to be part of this latest round of investing. These include companies such as New Enterprise Associates and a company called Revolution Growth. In addition, there are several other companies that have also chosen to participate in this round of funding. The investors include investors such as Kinship Trust Co. The investors also include funds advised that are advised by highly respected investment company by T. Rowe Price Associates, an investment firm noted for their ability to spot companies that are likely to a see a great deal of future growth.


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