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Best Places in the World – Explore “Italy”

Best Places in the World – Explore “Italy”

Can anyone name the Best Places in the World having history of renaissance & beautiful beaches & romantic jungles and sexy fashion running on its Streets? And food; ummm! My mouth is just filled with the very thought of yummy Italian food. Who on earth would deny with an opportunity to visit Italy? Italy is

12 Best Art Museums in the World

Just twelve museums and one year in hand! Play pick a boo with your family by picking one of the Best Art Museums in the World for your upcoming fun trip. Well well, creating yet another memory to refresh the memory lane is gonna be a fun idea this summer. Why spoil your child’s vacation?

20 Cool Hippie Places around the world

You may hate them or love them, or even try ignoring them, but you are sure to find Hippies in almost every part of the world. Hippies are not restricted by any geographical border. They are not associated or concerned with things that bother a normal person. They celebrate their lives happily and by being