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10 Common Examples of Genetically Modified Food

10 Common Examples of Genetically Modified Food

Ever wondered why the apples these days don’t get brown even after being cut and left out for longer period?! Also why a salmon takes less time to grow these days? The answer to these questions is Genetically Modified Food (GMO food). What are genetically modified food? Genetic modification is the process or the technique

What to Eat If You’re Afraid a Diet Can Affect Your Relationships

Radical changes in our nutrition influence on everything. If you choose a healthy diet to be fit in summer or improve your health, be ready to feel a full spectrum of irritation because of malnutrition, temptation and even face some misunderstandings from your partner. Of course, we want to believe many of you have harmonious


10 Supercool Oreo Tricks Everyone Should Try

There might be hardly anyone who isn’t fond of the classic Oreo. But have you ever thought of having your beloved cookies in a fashion other than twist, lick and eat? If you still haven’t, it’s never late to try some supercool Oreo recipes. We don’t need any specific reason to indulge into the taste