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25 Beautiful and Safe garden privacy ideas

25 Beautiful and Safe garden privacy ideas

A home is the safest abode for everyone. No matter how long we may spend time at vacations, holidaying and partying but ultimately we all want to reach home either sooner or later. Moreover, if you have a home with a private garden then you are sure to feel the need to spend time in

50 Adorable Mother Daughter Pictures

A mother-daughter relationship is unique in many ways. Though, both the parents play a significant role in a child’s life and even girls are popularly tagged as their Father’s Daughters but still, the bond between a mother and a daughter remains special. Daughters are a pure replica of their mothers many times. The way mothers

50 Traditional Marquesan tattoos for Men and Women

Marquesan Tattoos have originated from Marquesas Island which is situated in the south pacific. These tattoos can be easily recognised by few Trademark symbols such as Centipedes, geckos and Ti‘i’s, the Marquesan geometric and other cross designs. According to Marquesas culture, Boys got engraved their first tattoos in their earlier year of teens as per