Best Places in the World – Explore “Italy”

Can anyone name the Best Places in the World having history of renaissance & beautiful beaches & romantic jungles and sexy fashion running on its Streets? And food; ummm! My mouth is just filled with the very thought of yummy Italian food. Who on earth would deny with an opportunity to visit Italy?

Italy is special since it still is connected with its history taking care of the legendary scholars’ and artists’ pieces of discoveries. Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo and Marco and Vespucci and so on and so forth have made the name “Italy” rise and shine.


Northern boundary is as beautiful as heaven with the beautiful ranges of Alps and Apennine Mountains from the Peninsula. What more it has? It has hub of fashion and nature and industries and historic creations. You want music; you find peace. I can’t wait; I am going to these 10 places that are a must visit in Italy is you truly wish to explore everything; every spice that makes the place perfect for tourism.

Best Places in the World



The city of canals! The king of water cities is so beautiful and peaceful that it has been the best place in Italy without which your travel is incomplete. The Grand Canal is truly historic since it has several renowned architectures that flaunts off the Italian culture. 150 canals or more but not less are a fun indeed to roam around! Though, the tourists and their negligence towards the cleanliness are doing mayhem to such a heaven place on earth. Trust me; it won’t be more romantic then as it was earlier. Help it stay young forever while you go to that place.



Rome; a hub for all the Roman Empire and all of its historic memories that ever happened in Rome. It has Colosseum was uniquely designed; when? In 80 AD! Yes! The only monument that had more than 80 entrances and could hold 50,000 visitors in Rome was this Colosseum. Quite a vast construction! Must Visit!



Yet another best place in the world to visit in Italy with all of its gothic history secured in Florence. Yes, it wasn’t easy to make entire city themed. What a brain to design the city! The construction began in 1296 to 1436. More than two century of years to make the entire Florence so beautiful with beautiful churches to find peace at.



You should be unaware of how great architecture-y has been beautifying the yet another best places in the world to go to ever since it was established. And it should not be hard to believe that it some great architects where born then who designed the shell shaped piazza. Horse racing is a popular sport of Siena taking place at Piazza del Campo every year; twice.

Amalfi Coast


Ever heard of some place in Italy renowned for ultimate diversity and rugged terrain on the huge coastal line? Yeah, Positano it is! It is a small town located on the Amalfi Coast. There is a hill and a coast at the bottom where the coast resides. Thanks to John Steinbeck for you are now reading praises of this place that was once poor and in the darkness.



The fashion centre of Italy, Milan! And it has been my first love since I am a fashionista. You would love the tremendous street style if you too love the fashion being overloaded. The guys and girls walking with that badass attitude of a fashionista. High end restaurants made Milan their home and so do the global marketing and businesses. Trust me; merely a walk on the streets of Milan will make you feel Milan-Milan.



Tourists get attracted to Naples that its bountiful beauty and exquisite peace brings! People fall totally in love when they visit the wonderful volcanic Vesuvius that took place in 79 AD. Yes, Pompeii was the place that then came into existence. You must visit this unique place that still has the ash and soil erupted out of volcano.

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Why is the Tower in Pisa Leaned to one side? Does anyone know? Yes; because of it poor foundation obviously. How wonderful were the engineers then to find a way out and restart the leaning towers so that it won’t fall. They made one side taller to compensate for the tilt and save it from getting destructed. Having started in 1173 this tower with epic history finally finished its construction in 2nd half of 14th century! Hoof!

San Gimignano


Tuscany has a village named San Gimignano that was named Manhattan in the medieval times. Stone tower; that too 14 had its birth there. This town had so much of wealth and power that once became the reason of enemy attacks that often destructed the place. More towers, then were added to San Gimignano; over 70, as to protect the village from getting people killed. Though, it is a small town; the museums and churches serve the culture fetching huge tourists’ attention.



Shroud of Turin is one of the famous things in the world which you must see and bow your heads before you die. And the beauty of the location of this Turin Cathedral church is gonna make you utter Oh-my-gosh! The entire Alps provide a bountiful and breathless milieu to it. Chocolates; yeah ladies come here! Your best buddy chocolates are another treat that this place serves you.

Happy journey guys! And I hope that you explore something new about this wonderful place; Italy and share with us the experience that you will have. Though, a free advice comes here; don’t go for high ranging hotels; go for comfortable yet normal ones. Spending on travel and fun is far more worth then spending on hotels. No one remembers the nights they spend there but the days, though, makes the nicest collections of memories!




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