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50 DIY Lighting Ideas which are better than Market Products

50 DIY Lighting Ideas which are better than Market Products

Now-a-days more and more people are shifting their preferences towards DIY tips and tricks which are more creative and quite beneficial. It feels great to decorate your home yourself. DIY ideas save a lot on money and they are even eco-friendly at times. In every way it is rewarding and justified that one should learn

25 Must Attend Festivals around the World

Festivals bring a lot of happiness and joy. Millions of people join together to party, dance, drink and celebrate the festive seasons. There are hundreds of cultures and traditions which are celebrated in different ways around the world. Witness some of the Must attend Festivals around the World and understand more about them. Must Attend

20 Cool Hippie Places around the world

You may hate them or love them, or even try ignoring them, but you are sure to find Hippies in almost every part of the world. Hippies are not restricted by any geographical border. They are not associated or concerned with things that bother a normal person. They celebrate their lives happily and by being

20 Best Places Every Book Lover Must Visit

Being a book lover has its own advantages. If you are a bibliophile I’m sure you will identify with something like travelling the places where you have visited, just in books! At the same time, you must be having your bucket list filled with Places Every Book Lover Must Visit, or at least make an