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40 Clever and Innovative Food Presentation Ideas

40 Clever and Innovative Food Presentation Ideas

Food and again my mouth watered. Is this the same phenomenon happening with you? The fact that a delightfully presented platter makes the eyes feel hungry and taste buds crave for it is so true! Moreover, taste buds are just the medium to eat and sense the flavor but what makes you wanna try a


12 Ways to Wear Your Ordinary Outfit Like a Fashion Queen

Deciphering the language of “Fashion” is not too easy unless you understand the rule of making it extraordinary. Now, when I say “extraordinary” I totally point towards the sexiness and perfection pour into an attire that makes it look just different. It is not the outfit, anyway, that brings up a noticeable different insisting people


30 DIY Leaf Art Projects for Kids

Turning your leaving place into a fun and unbe-leaf-able paradise designed by your kids is just these easy DIY Leaf Art Projects For Kids away. Autumn is merrily approaching with infinite leaves falling on the chest of mother Earth that would tempt you to jump and enjoy the crunching sound of dried, fallen leaves. But