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40 Easy Marble Paintings Which Looks Top Class

40 Easy Marble Paintings Which Looks Top Class

What does it take for an artist to put his magic on the canvas? Paints, brushes, water and some other materials. But do you think it is necessary to have and use paint brushes? Well, definitely not, there are many more alternatives available. There are many painting styles which requires no paint brushes to be


40 DIY Plastic Bottle Cap Craft Ideas

What comes to your mind when you have to select materials for making crafts for your home? Papers, colors, fabric, wood etc. but these days, a new wave of making craft from waste materials is booming all over. Can you think of a waste material that would look good and also provide some strength when


40 Kids Friendly Finger Painting Art Ideas

Childhood is incomplete without messy, squishy fingerprint painting. As a kid, the very first art project we get is to paint using the cute little prints of the hands. Well, now it’s time for your little toddler to get a little colourful and messy with the paints. Let your toddler create magic with their cute