11 Romance Ideas That Can Revive The Thrill In Your Relationship

No matter how old your relationship is, it is important to keep up with the romance and not let it wear off. The Romance in a lot of relationships gradually dies off as both partners begins to get comfortable with each other, turning the once exciting relationship into a boring one by repeating the same thing. Going on the same dates, dressing the same way (believe me. It matters) and so on are exactly not a great way to sustain your love life.

To keep the spark alive in your marriage, you have to be spontaneous. Don’t be monotonous. Doing the same thing over and over and over and over again will kill your vibes. You’ll eventually get fed up and won’t feel the thrill again. You have to spice up your marriage especially if your partner is a hopeless romantic. You don’t want to make them unhappy. I understand if you really want to be romantic but don’t know how because it’s just not your thing. I was once like that but I worked on myself because what’s life without the fun anyway?

Here are 11 carefully selected ideas on how to be Romantic and revive the thrill in your relationship.


  1. Regularly say Romantic words to your partner.

The stress in your daily activities can sure drain the energy out of you and you forget the power of words. You forget to compliment your spouse and let them know that you still find them attractive and beautiful. Everyone needs assurance from their partner. Simple words like “I love you” “You are beautiful” “I can’t do without you” “You look sexy as hell today” “You make me happy” “You’re the apple of my eyes” and so on will do the magic. They will make your partner feel loved.

On the other hand, refrain from saying negative statements to your partner even if you had a bad day.

  1. Love notes.

Sending your spouse a text is quite easy given that we all communicate electronically. Why not spice things up by taking the time to write them a note and hide it where they can find it easily. It could be in their bag or briefcase or even their pockets. It could also be anywhere in the house.

Imagine ransacking through your things at work and you find an unusual paper. Out of curiosity, you open it only to find a flirty love note from your partner. Your face will most certainly lit with a smile. Romantic right? Yeah! That’s what we are talking about.

If you know how to write romantic poems, that’s a bonus. If not, stick to the letters or go online and search.

  1. Cook Together.

Cooking is one fun activity you can do together especially if you both are on the same level when it comes to that and even if you are not, it can still be fun. Search for a new recipe together or rather, create one yourselves. Wear aprons and pretend You are professional chefs. You get to laugh at each other and also compliment each other. You can also pass down the recipe to your kids if it actually turns out good and if it doesn’t? More reasons to laugh.

More exciting is to make it a competition, each partner showing off their cooking prowess and see who the real Chef is. Also, do not forget to make out at intervals(be careful not to get the food burnt🌝)

This is actually so much fun and you get to bond with your partner more.

  1. Give Gifts.

Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift. Buying gifts for your partner will increase your love in their heart because the heart is normally softened by such gestures. You don’t have to wait until their birthday or your anniversary. Just buy them gifts randomly. It could be something they crave for, or something they really need. Just get it for them when they least expect it. This doesn’t mean you should break a bank. Something little and meaningful will do.

  1. Go on a stroll while holding hands.

There’s something particularly romantic in going on a stroll, holding hands on a cool evening. You feel complete bliss as though you’ve finally found the missing piece of the puzzle of your life.  It makes you relaxed and ignites the spark in you. You feel so happy and at peace. You should find time to try this out if you haven’t because words alone can’t describe the feeling. You need to experience it first-hand.

  1. Dress up.

Take care of your body and look good for your partner. You don’t need to look like a model before you do this. Your partner most probably finds you attractive the way you are. You just have to put in effort by trying to look good for them. Some people do not bother about how they appear again once they become comfortable in their relationship but that’s not good enough. You should try to “wow” them as much as possible. Think about when you first met and how you fret on what to wear. Don’t let that energy wear off.

  1. Get Physical.

Showing physical affection to your spouse.

This includes kissing and hugging, playing footsie on the couch, giving your partner a nice massage, cuddling, exploring each other’s body and of course, sex. Fulfilling each other’s sexual needs and desire is highly important. Your partner’s desire might include the use of sex toys, or more specifically, glass dildos. It will be of great benefit if you both are on the same page. Physical touching are romantic and essential. It shouldn’t be trivialized in your relationships.

  1. Do fun activities.

Fun activities can help restore the thrill in your marriage. This could be playing games, doing volunteer work together, trying a new restaurant, watching an interesting movie, going on a cruise or picnic, dancing and all the fun stuffs you can think of that can be a source of happiness and positivity in your relationship.

You can play games like Truth or dare, Never have I, Staring contest, Romantic scrabble, I love you because, romantic scavenger hunt, darts and so on. The winner gets to do anything they want with the loser. Ultimately, you’ll learn to associate excitement with your spouse.

  1. Do the little things that matters.

Thoughtful and meaningful romantic actions can make your partner head over heels in love with you. It is the thoughtfulness and effort that goes into it they appreciate. It shows you care for them and you’re thinking of them. It’s quite romantic, and as I mentioned at the beginning, it doesn’t matter if your relationship is old or not. Examples of such actions are:

  • Taking lunch to them at work.

This is a nice one to take on occasionally. It can also be done regularly depending on your time. You partner might be have a stressful day, and a surprise lunch from you can lift their mood.

  • Surprising them with breakfast or coffee in bed.

This is one of the sweetest and romantic things to do. Especially if your partner is the one that normally does the cooking. They will know you care for them. It’s a great way to help them start their day.

  • Picking out their clothes.

Picking out your spouse’s outfit for the day is cute and shows you both have a deep connection.

  • Feeding each other.

This is an act of love and a sign of intimacy. It increases the romance in your relationship significantly. You might think you’re just sharing food but in reality, you’re creating a much stronger,  comfortable bond with each other.

  1. Pamper them with love and affection.

I Know this sounds general but most people get it wrong. This means paying attention to their affair. Taking notes of what makes them happy and getting to know what makes them sad. Make it a habit to put a call through to them in the middle of the day and ask questions like “Have you had lunch?, How’s your day going?” Be with them when they’re sad. Celebrate their success. Be their biggest fan. Be there for them. Listen without judgement. Stand up for them no matter where you are. Show them they’re very important to you and you wouldn’t trade them for anything.  All these will give your partner butterflies in their  stomach.And lastly,

  1. Be Creative.

Come up with more romantic ideas your partner would love. These ideas are just to inspire you but romance sure has peculiarities. Your know your partner better, what they adore and what they find comfortable. Tweak this ideas to fit in your relationship or think of new ones you think they would love. Just be romantic.