10 Raw And Unique Garage Door Designs

When you are hoping to improve the overall appeal of your home, garage doors could make a big difference. Yes, your garage is probably attached to your house, but a garage is a place where you can add powerful pops of colors, unique designs, and even bring the design of the house together. Take a look at the ten designs below that allow you to unleash your creativity. You can build up your home around the garage doors, or you could add a second garage that has beautiful new doors.

1. Mirror Your Home Design With Trim

Garage door leads are used to help contractors find their customers. When you are on a leads list, it is because you have requested information or been thinking about changing your garage doors. When you start the process, you might begin by using the same colors from the house’s design, but you need to add trim that makes the doors stand out. If your house already has a rich color, your an use white trim. If you want to be even more creative, you could use a lighter shade of the house’s color. For example, you could have navy blue doors with a frosty blue trim.

2. Rustic Barn Doors

You can do the rustic barn door look with your garage doors. These doors could be opened with a traditional opener, or you might get custom-made doors that are opened like a French door with a special opener.

3. Railroad Ties

You could use railroad ties on your garage doors or buy doors that appear to be that style. The old iron rivets and bars make the door look like it is hundreds of years old, and you can use these colors to enhance the appearance of your house. The dusty slate or brown color of railroad ties and the black of the iron bars look great against most home colors.

4. The Mural

You can have your garage doors painted or designed like a mural. When the doors carry a mural, they make it look as though your home is framing the artwork. You could even have the windows painted or covered with a special transparent screen.

5. The Monogram

The monogram that you have painted on your doors could be the family initials or your initials. This may seem like a hard thing to design, but you can put the design on your garage doors instead of hanging a shingle on the mailbox. Plus, you could have the garage doors painted to match the design or stamping that you had done on the driveway.

6. The Old Front Door Style

The old front door style that you use may have a single knocker in the middle of the door. You could have the door made with a wood grain that is very obvious, and the iron design may have the hinges displayed on the sides. You can have a special window placed in the middle, or you may have the eyehole, a piece of stained glass across the top, and even the lock displayed.

7. All Windows

The windows that you add to the garage door could take up the entire door. These windows can be made from shatterproof glass, and the framing of the door will create a modern design that makes the door look like modern windows from the house. These designs are a lovely way to show off your cars, or you could use all windows to help your house seem more open and welcoming.

8. Swooping Curves

The swooping curves can be added to the window design so that you have something that looks like a business logo. Imagine having large windows stretching across your window that will create a curved design on one side. Because of the curves, you can paint the color a bold color or even jet black. You are showing off the window design instead of the color.

9. The Center Door

You may add a door between your garage doors, and that makes your garage even more functional. Plus, you will find that the center door makes the house look older as if you are in a colonial or Victorian home. The center door could be a special color, or you could get a nice front door that will help keep the garage secure.

10. The Curved Arch

You may also choose to alter the design of the garage entrance along with the doors. You could use any door you like along with a curved arch over the doors. This is different from the traditional angular opening, and it helps the house look much more elegant.

When you are using these garage door designs, you can make your home look beautiful unique, and modern. You could even alter how the doors open or the design of the opening for maximum effect.